Q: My husband and I are both opera singers, so when someone gives us free stuff, we take it. If you can think of a furniture type, you will more than likely to be able to find one that is in the hand painted Mexican style. Hand painted Mexican furniture is made of a mix of new and reclaimed wood, which has been restyled to create original and unique pieces. Because of the hand made nature of the furniture, there will often be slight differences in color or size between furnishings, which may not suit symmetrical layouts such as bedside tables.
Be wary of placing the hand painted furniture in any place where it could come in contact with extreme temperature changes or weather. Used recycled newsprint cut and fused together make up this coffee table from Matt Gagnon Studio. This Habana Recycled Cigar Box Coffee Table by furniture designer Pavel Perina is made up of various sizes wooden boxes from finest Habana cigars. Recycled Wood Pallets Coffee Tables by Stephane Beauchet a way of giving old thrown away pallets new life with the help of some cleaning, restoring and refinishing. Blue Moon Bottles uses empty wine bottles to create all kind of unique products including this recycled steel, glass and bottle punts coffee table.

Hand painted Mexican furniture is an affordable way to instantly create a rich, multi-colored focus to any room. Since every piece has that unique hand made individuality, there is no end to the variety of furniture available for any room in the home.
This gives each piece its own individual look, with minor imperfections that add to the bounty of rustic charm. Hand painted furniture is also more expensive than the pine range, and generally does not come flat packed, which means shipping costs are much dearer if you are ordering online. The wood is prone to cracking and warping in these conditions, and will weather very easily if exposed to sun and rain. Remember back when a large wire spool on it's side was a premium coffee table solution (hey , we still like them). Read our guide for more facts & information…As with anything prepared by hand, hand painted furniture has a uniquely beautiful aesthetic that adds a touch of stylish personality to any home. Often, if you are able to go in store, you may be able to order to personal specifications, giving that extra bit of exclusive distinctness that comes from having it tailor-made. Often, they will feature a light, shabby-chic sheen of red, green and yellow paint as a bold reminder of its Mexican roots, making for beautifully subdued colored panels and surfaces.

Reclaimed wood also tends to be heavier than pine, so keep this in consideration when factoring in shipping or general transport costs.
Hand painted Mexican furniture is often in keeping with the rustic look of the style, with a slightly distressed, transparent paint style which still allows the natural textures of the wood to shine through. Some will also go the extra mile and have exquisite motifs such as religious themes, and depictions of traditional Mexican life, as well as carved patterns that become a design focal point on the furniture.
Similar to the natural pine look, hand painted pieces also feature wrought iron-look fittings such as drawer handles and hinges, which go perfectly with the rustic wood. From time to time, this style of furniture will also include mosaic accents, which also make a stark contrast against the deep tone of the distressed wood.

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