When anything new comes to the market there is typically a debate about whether or not the new product or technology is better than the old one. OLED, or Organic Light Emitting Diode, has been created with organic compounds which cause the diodes within a display's screen to self-light.
The major difference between older LED displays and newer OLED displays can be summed up in one word: organic. When comparing the image quality produced by the two screen technologies, OLED displays will typically come out on top. An LED TV or display has to rely on LED lights being behind the LCD panel, and so the resulting light bleed often produces more washed-out looking dark tones. When it comes to size and power consumption, an OLED display will inherently have an advantage over its counterpart.
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NEW - Our Duraflame 950 Cranberry Electric Fireplace Stove creates instant ambiance in your room. Instead, contact the nearest service center!Please, do not make a copy of the downloaded manual and do not offer to sell it,just use personally to repair defective appliance! A traditional LED display is in fact an LCD display with back or side LED lights, while OLED displays do not require this extra light source. Being able to maintain a darker and deeper black color is one of the more important factors as it will create more contrast.
There are, however, many other factors that ultimately determine the quality of a TV's image. The panels are very thin and of course do not require back-lights, making them far lighter in weight than a comparable LCD screen. As the technology is newer and typically considered more advanced, the price point is generally higher than that of of LED displays would be. OLED technology is still relatively new and researchers and developers are working hard to iron out and overcome some of the initial constrictions inherent in the tech.

Shelling out the additional cost for an OLED display might not be the practical thing to do for every family, but the desire to own the best new tech can outweigh such thoughts. Without the need for back-lighting they require a considerably less amount of power to function. If your funds are limited, an LED TV is going to be a more sensible choice and will get you more bang for your buck. While the technology may have some limiting factors, the future is certain to bring larger and larger screens to market in both formats. If you're the type that loves to be on the bleeding edge with the latest and greatest gadgets, or if you are out to build the ultimate home theater, OLED might just be a perfect for fit you.

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