The T8 Fluorescent High Bay fixture from Synergy Lighting reaches new heights by becoming the most economical solution for commercial and industrial facilities.
The Horizon™ High Bay fixture is available in both T8 and T5 Models using either 4 or 6 lamps.
Synergy Lighting is Florida’s Exclusive and only Factory Authorized Distributor for Horizon™ T8 and T5 Fluorescent High Bay Lighting Fixtures.
We are proud to offer our complimentary 10 page energy analysis for any commercial or industrial facility considering switching to more efficient lighting systems. For more information on switching to Energy Saving Lighting, view our website and call Synergy Lighting for a free consultation. This one is extremely looking one of the best information post about Retrofit 400w Metal halide.
Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments. Push the stripped wire into the new terminal, being careful to insert the correct wire into each terminal. Have the necessary tools for this DIY project lined up before you start—you’ll save time and frustration. The linear T8 Fluorescent Lamp Holder and fluorescent lamp holders are popular products for retrofit projects. The T8 Fluorescent Lamp Holder devices offering a variety of materials for a wide range of incandescent and fluorescent applications including electrical equipment,harnesses and light strings.Bases include medium bi pin, end snap in, G5, G13, and single pin. The fluorescent family of lamp sockets includes recessed double contact, slimline and medium bi-pin lampholder styles in either plunger or stationary styles. James produces T8 Fluorescent Lamp Holder for virtually every light source equipped with incandescent, fluorescent, or CFL lamps. JAMES manufacture T8 Fluorescent Lamp Holder for virtually every light source equipped with fluorescent,incandescent, CFL lamps.The majority of LED holder for  TC lamp using PBT, a thermoplastic material. T8 Fluorescent Lamp Holder include LED holder,incandescent medium base and fluorescent lamp holder, in addition to a large line of porcelain lampholders including pulse-rated mogul-base products, and an extensive selection of devices for high-intensity lamps, LED holder, Watts 660, Voltage 600, Connection Quickwire Push-in, Mounting Short Slide-on, Color White, Features Non-Shunted, Use With 1.68 In. Fluorescent Lamp holder – the most common is designed for the straight bipin base bulb. All fluorescent light fixtures consist of at least lamp(s), Leviton Compact Fluorescent Lamp Holder, fluorescent ballast and internal wiring.
The Leviton Compact Fluorescent Lamp Holder continues to grow with the newly introduced T8 series featuring rotary lamp-lock technology and bottom push-in wiring.

Leviton Compact Fluorescent Lamp Holder, med bi-pin, turn type, dedicated T8, snap-in mounting, 660w-600v. Waterproof moistureproof T8 fluorescent lamp holder, suitable for moisture condensation or shallow water environment. Miscellaneous Circuits - Astable multivibrator, pushbutton clock, random neon flasher, etc. Vrieling Woodworks - Crown Molding Installation, Temecula CAExperienced Crown Molding Installers Vrieling Woodworks, Temecula CA. September 29, 2013 By Paul Vrieling 2 Comments Once again, I wish I had a before picture of this kitchen remodel we did in the Meadowview community of Temecula! Imagine old, dark oak cabinets with an old school fluorescent light box above.  Im sure many of you know what I’m talking about!
Rather than tear everything out, including the countertops and start over,  Vrieling Woodworks suggested to the owners a kitchen cabinet reface. With this option, not only is it much more affordable than a complete redo, but it also makes the kitchen look like brand new! The face frames and exposed panels of the kitchen cabinets were then sanded smooth and painted white (or probably swiss coffee). We also replaced all the drawer boxes with new ones and full extension glides.  Now, the drawers open up all the way and you have full access to the entire drawer. As you can see, the kitchen looks amazing for a fraction of the cost of your typical kitchen cabinet remodel! If you have been thinking about redoing your kitchen, instead of refinancing your house or saving up for 5 years you might want to consider a kitchen cabinet reface like this one! The ceiling tiles were purchased by the customer and we just installed them for an hourly rate. The Horizon™ fixture replaces any 250 or 400 Watt High Bay with superior brightness and performance. The T8, (our favorite) offers the greatest impact to both the working environment and the profitability of it users. Many of these T8 Fluorescent Lamp Holder and lamp sockets can be used for a variety of fixtures to accomodate almost any lamp.
Lampholders include incandescent medium base, and specialty sizes & fluorescent lampholders, in addition to a large line of porcelain lampholders including pulse-rated mogul-base products, and an extensive selection of devices for high-intensity lamps.
LED tubes are the most used lamps for the internal lighting of industrial and  commercial areas.

High Medium Bipin Slide-on & Screw Mount, Easy to install,Standard LED fluorescent lamp holder designed for fluorescent medium bi-pin lamps. Bidirectional lamp holder provided by the fixed end of the casing, pumping core lamp holder, casing cover, the protective net, a reflection plate, glass, etc., characterized in that the two fixed ends of the housing through the protective net is connected into a unitary, is installed on the fixed end housing threading tube and reflector plate, the left end of the flexible plug, core pulling the socket body and rubber seals, rubber seals installed on the right end of the socket body and tube positioning ring, core pulling.
The utility model using linear cylinder instead of the rotating cylinder, to reduce the the Leviton Compact Fluorescent Lamp Holder manufacturing cost of equipment and manufacturing technology requirements.
Our linear fluorescent brochure details the many different mounting, wire insertion and lamp insertion configurations available. Though in their time, they were an excellent way of achieving higher light levels at an affordable cost per fixture, those days have long been surpassed by rising cost of electricity.
Though most Fluorescent High Bays look very similar, many T8 High Bays simply do not produce enough light to be a suitable replacement, however the Horizon™ High Bay outshines other brands with it component structure and power design. Replacing 400w Metal Halide with T5 reduces the energy consumption by only 158 watts per fixture. High mechanical strength, illumination and reliable anti-minutes can save time, quickly and easily replace the fluorescent tube and Leviton Compact Fluorescent Lamp Holder. The ballast is used to create the voltage and current necessary to start and illuminate the fluorescent lamp. Since the lamp holders sealed elastic material, when the fluorescent tube is inserted into one end of its tubular, i.e. The Horizon™ T8 Fixture goes even further to reduce the energy used by 266 Watt per fixture while providing in most cases 20% brighter light than the metal halide being replaced. This material harmonisation in conjunction with fatigue-free, stainless steel lamp mounting springs ensures a permanently secure lamp fit.
The ballast performs two functions: current limiting and providing the starting kick to ionize the gas in the fluorescent tube(s). Read on to learn how to swap out the old with an approved replacement ballast of the same technology. Because the Horizon™ High Bay uses only top performing components, the fixture offers 36,000 hour lamp life (2x HID) , and an average ballast life of 15 years compared to 3 years for HID systems.

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