At Low Price Auto Glass Orlando, we’ve had people come in with the most bizarre windshield repair situations. Some geniuses out there decided that a great way to fool people into giving them lots and lots of money is to create “special” Band-Aids for windshields. A broken auto glass needs to be repaired by an expert rather than get fixed with tools that an eight year old uses in his school’s arts and crafts project. Storms, a crazy party, or a bb gun can crack a car window, which can make the car owner go crazy. For one, those people had delayed and neglected to come to us as soon as their broken auto glass occurred.
It does have many benefits, such as putting back together the handle on your favorite coffee mug that you accidentally broke. Therefore, don’t hesitate to go to a professional auto glass shop, or you might end up facing worse repairs. Then, they went ahead and attempted to fix the glass themselves, using the strangest, most flimsy tools at their disposal.
However, when it comes to broken auto glass, you have to remember that you have a big windshield that’s holding up a heavy car roof.

Let’s be frank, this is just another form of translucent tape, and it’s not going to hold up a heavy, broken windshield. But before you rip your hair out over your misfortune, here are some simple quick fixes for cracked windows.Shattered Window PaneIf the window has become completely shattered, a temporary patch can be used to stop the chill and hold the care over until a new window can be installed. We were so shocked at what we saw, that we just had to share it with you so you don’t make the same mistakes. That super glue is only going to create a sticky mess that’s going to be impossible to remove later. When someone puts nail polish on their fingernails, it keeps their nails strong for a few days. These people had believed advice strangers had given them, but you should be extra cautious when you fall in the same situations with your vehicle’s glass.
At first, the color is sparkly and neat, but then it starts to get dull, and that’s when you notice the first chip.
It’s not going to hold, and the chip will expand into a crack that then turns into many fissures. Use more caution when driving now that some of your field of vision is blocked off.CrackIf there is a little crack in your car window, you can use the taping method to cover up the crack.

It’ll peel off after being exposed to rain and the harsh heat, and the chip will still turn into a big crack.
All you need is the window taped on both sides with masking tape on the crack to temporarily cover the crack.
Resin repair kits come with resin, an installation tool, curing strips, razor blades and an instruction sheet.
For small cracks, a mixture of cerium oxide powder and water can be applied to the small crack.HoleA hole in your car window can be easily fixed without the need of window replacement.
Let it dry and repeat until there is a nail polish flush in the hole.For temporary repair, reinstall a new window or call window repair.

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