So watch this video at Yotube, at end of the video you will see a question, answer it, then go ahead to rest of the 3 videos and you can see the pass code. About Ramakanth Ramakanth is lead writer & one of the Founder of Techno360. Through the years, I have changed by recommendations on how to keep a computer up to speed. Fortunately, registry corruption in older operating systems, such as Windows 95 and Windows 98, was not nearly as big a problem as it is today. Many times, the solution in one of these older computers was, as we elluded to before, to reinstall the Windows operating system altogether.
Running an office with over 100 computers means I've got to know how to keep a lot of computers up to speed. However, once the right key is entered, connecting to the same WiFi network the next time won't require the password. Enter the code below to remove the security key for a specific WiFi network: netsh wlan show profiles name="profilename" key=clear. The next time when you want to connect to the WiFi network, it will ask you the enter the security key.
Does any of these error messages sounds familiar to you: iexplore, system32, DLL32, Kernel32, svchost, lsass? Iexplore, system32, DLL32, Kernel32, svchost, lsass are often caused by misconfigurations in the Windows registry which if left unaddressed over time will only slow down your system and make things worse.
When some one's registry needed to be cleaned I, or another technician, would have to do it manually. Perhaps you have had that done to one of your older computers as it was a very common process.
This meant you would have to surf the web for the exact right driver, download it and then manually install it. It scans for all types of malware; it scans for registry corruption and also outdated, bad and missing drivers.
When connecting to a WiFi network for the first time, you need to enter the security key in order to be able to use it and gain access to the internet. And sometimes you may need to update the WiFi network security key to connect to the network.
Moreover, you can use some useful tools such as Wi-Fi Password Recovery to detect whether your wireless network is secure enough. He earned his degree at Anna university,worked in IT support for several years, and has been writing at Techno360 since 2008. The trouble that usually causes computers to become slow and develop performance issues, such as frequent crashing and error message pop-ups, is a problem with the operating system. However, if you need a free spyware scan to see if you have parasites present in your system, I recommend you get one very soon.
Of course, I have always recommended people keep spyware, malware and viruses out of their computer. Of course, you would only have lost some time if you had been backing up your files everyday. With today's huge files, registries have to be kept in perfect condition or the computer will suffer significant slowdowns. Other times, if the computer was three or four years old, people might have decided it was time to get a new higher powered computer. Probably an even bigger stumbling block to this process was finding out which driver was causing problems your computer was experiencing. Yes, there is a good chance that your Windows registry needs repair and PC-CLEANER will help you to make this process a breeze.
It would be very unusual if the cause of slow computer performance turned out to be a bad RAM stick or a bad microprocessor. Even though these things steal resources and slow down the computer, the big issue with spyware, malware and viruses is they can steal information about you and this will hurt you while it is destroying your computer. It was also something that came with a certain amount risk because if it was improperly done, it could ruin the operating system altogether.
In fact, many times people would stumble around for months trying to find exactly what the problem with their computer was before they actually found the driver that was behind it all. It cleans malware in minutes, registry corruption even more quickly than that and though device drivers need to be installed individually, PC Health Advisor will find which ones need to be installed, download new ones for you and allow you to install them one by one just by clicking a button. The most powerful computers of yesterday sometimes can’t hold up in the modern world.
Wondershare 1-Click PC Care will Speed up your PC and network by fixing all issues that slow down your computer and internet and fine-tuning your system setting to peak performance.It performs like a system doctor and keeps your computer running in a healthy, stable and fast state by fixing your PC errors. A detailed rolling checking report about all computer issues will be displayed to let you know your PC information and status at the first time, you can see the summary of your computer performance. Hardware upgradesHardware upgrades, though quite expensive, can be the best way to fix a slow Mac. Software tweaks and changes can make a big difference, but sometimes this isn’t enough.

Your computer’s hard drive is often the slowest component, so an SSD will make a huge difference in boot times and program launch speeds. Resetting the SMC allows you to re-balance all of these factors and have your computer runningDon’t worry, resetting this controller will not harm your Mac in any way.
Do it again until you are able to press down all mentioned keys for 10 seconds without powering up your MacBook Pro.4. Try some AppsThis is less of a way to speed up your Mac, and more of a way to speed up your workflow. Set up all-inclusive to-do lists and you’ll never forget a portion of a big project again.
The Pomodoro Method is the idea of working in 25-minute bursts with short breaks in between spurts of working.
Pomodoro One handles everything for you, and you should see a boost in your productivity after you start using the app.FocusbarA helps you pay attention to the task at hand. Today’s world is one of constant distraction with emails, texts, notifications, and funny cat videos to keep you occupied. Simply type inA your task at hand into Focusbar and it’ll gently remind you to stay on task whenever you procrastinate with Facebook or YouTube. This is a great way to help you tune out all distractions and get your work done as quickly as possible.6. If you need the apps, look for an alternative apps that are more compatible to run on your MacBook Pro. You can also try re-installing that app to see if it will consume less resources after a re-install 7. Looking at a disheveled desktop when you launch your computer can start your workday on a stressed-out note.Try to limit your desktop to aroundA 10 or 15 icons. I use my MacBook to just browse!No wonder this post got shared on Prismatic ?Y™‚ Kudos – Keep it coming!
DC November 3, 2013 at 10:50 pm Early indications are that reseting the SMC has made a noticable difference. Glad to have helped in some small way ?Y™‚ a.yk December 6, 2013 at 1:42 am the shift control option power does work! A full hard disk can also really slow down your MacBook’s performance, even if it is a SSD! Booting up slowly, not being able to multitask or maybe just hanging up all the time?If you are more specific, we can maybe try to help you with some fixes.
Can you also go to our site’s search bar and type in Apple Diagnostics and then go to the post that mentions it. I suspect that some hardware component might have failed in your MBP Stephanie Francisco April 19, 2014 at 7:31 pm It just keeps on hanging up. Thanks for all of your tips.Ia€™m pretty sure I have my macbook pro cpua€™s damaged, due to overheating. I have already cleaned up my fans and solved the overheating problem, but the problems remain. Upgraded my OS, run apple hardware test (nothing came up) and everything is still the same. This mac was supposed to last for a long time and ia€™ll be really sad if ita€™s just garbage.Thanks in advance!
Unfortunately, there is no way to safely replace or upgrade just your MacBook Pro’s CPU or motherboard as these are soldered on during manufacturing. If someone were really technically savvy, they could probably replace it with a newer CPU for you although I doubt if they will give you any sort of guarantee that the fix will work. As soon as your MacBook Pro begins to restart, hold down Command + R at the same time (In some model MacBook Pros, you might have to hold down the Option key as well) 3. Although, I’ve already been told that the new MBP retina also have the overheating problem.
Yes, we are seeing many people reporting overheating problems on their retina display MacBook Pros over the past few months.
It looks like the high power resolution combined with the heavy workload you require from your MBP is just a bit too much for it to handle. Before you buy a new Mac, we would however recommend that you try a high quality laptop cooling fan to see if it can be good enough to keep temperatures down, even when you have Final Cut and other types of graphic editing software running at full tilt. Michelle Smith May 3, 2014 at 5:53 am Hi EstherIf your idle is high, it means your processor has a lot of bandwidth available. I went through the steps listed, and everything is A-OK when my computer is NOT plugged in.
If you have more than one MacBook or if you can borrow your friend’s MacBook charger for a day, swap it with your old charger and see if the problem persists.I have a feeling that your charger is the problem and can be pretty easily fixed! When you see a grey Apple logo, release the shift key and allow your Mac to boot up in safe mode.Once inside, run Disk Utility and run repair disk permissions on your OS X partition.
Apart from checking these, if speed can not accelerate then there are many efficient tool like Stellar Drive Defrag, iDefrag etc. After finding your page by chance and then following every single one of your points, I confirm that everything is running fantastic – and at great speed.

Christine August 21, 2014 at 10:09 am Hi MichelleDoes the SMC and PRAM work on older macbooks?
2008Thanks, Christine Michelle Smith August 21, 2014 at 3:14 pm Hi ChristineI am not entirely sure about this but this is what you can do.
If you don’t notice any kind of reset happening, try the following instructions instead. Identify a physical SMC reset switch that will be labelled as SMC_RST (You will most probably find it under the notification LEDs.
We recommend that you use a non-metallic point like a pencil nib to push this reset button) 4. Michelle Smith September 24, 2014 at 5:08 am Yes, the suggested resets will also work on your iMac.
Alex October 21, 2014 at 5:07 pm Hi Michelle, I was just wondering is there a reason why you haven’t mentioned Defragmenting the hard drive as one of your suggestions? I have heard that with a mac it is not so necessary to do it as often as a PC, but I have had my MBP for 4 years now, and was wondering if I should try that as well, or would the Clean-My-Mac be good enough? Though the defrag option is available in Disk Utility, it isn’t something that needs to be run regularly, like how you would need to defrag a Windows hard disk.
What use to take me 2 or 3 minutes to restart my computer, took less then 30 seconds…and once it did start back up, things loaded damn near instantly! I did a lot of the things you suggested in this list and now my macbook is running VERY fast! Last year I upgraded to Mavericks and everything was going well until I instaled an antivirus and upgraded Java. I even wiped my laptop and installed Yosemite and tried all suggested recommendations, but nothing changed. I would truly appreciate if there is anything else to recommend because my laptop is useless in this condition, and I need it, and miss it!!
Michelle Smith October 30, 2014 at 4:57 am Hi RezaIt sounds like your antivirus or your firewall might be the culprit. I would recommend that you do a thorough cleanup of your application list, getting rid of all programs that you don’t need. Maybe others can also pitch in with their help for Reza.If all else fails, try taking it to the Genius bar.
Felix November 19, 2014 at 8:49 pm I own an early 2011 MacBook Pro which had the common graphics issue. Either this or another company did a mistake unmounting or mounting the logic board (broken capacitor), which has been repaired as well.
Since the repair job the battery doesn’t work and what bothers me more the CPU performance seems to have dropped.
I have therefor compared the BOINC benchmarks from now and one month ago and the newer ones are at about 28 % of the older ones. Is it possible that the CPU doesn’t get enough Volts probably due to a higher resistance?
Michelle Smith November 20, 2014 at 3:17 am Hi FelixUnfortunately, your question is a bit too technical for me. Isaac Canales December 15, 2014 at 2:28 am I seem to be having a problem with my Mac Pro as well. Very recently, i’ve tried playing games that i normally do (specifically League of Legends) and i had extreme fps issues that were averaging about 15 from my usual 60 to 70. I also noticed that my processor didn’t seem to be working faster or speeding up like it normally does whenever i do an intensive action. I run programs like GarageBand and its extremely slow, yet the processor and the fan seem to be snoozing. I also tried an SMC reset and nothing happened however i think i may have done it incorrectly as i don’t remember if i held it for at least 10 seconds.
Can you try reading through this very detailed resource on addressing video RAM problems on a Mac? Isaac Canales December 15, 2014 at 10:15 am Well i read the info about the RAM and through checking in activity monitor, i see it does reach high usage percentages whenever i try to use a program. It feels like the hard disk is frozen in a sleep state since it doesn’t even heat up faster while the fan is silent. Contractor London March 25, 2015 at 9:28 pm Hello there, I found yoiur blog by the use of Google whilst looking forr a related subject, your website came up, it looks great. Hi there, simply was aware of your blog through Google, and located that it’sreally informative.

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