Now that the news regarding Zodiac is out of the way, let’s get down to the fun stuff.
Firstly, Jackie has recently announced that half of his fortune will go to his charities when he passes away, and that other half will go to his wife. It looks like Jackie finally knew when to stop talking about the government, but that didn’t keep him from talking bad about the Rush Hour franchise. Apparently, the audience gave it a standing ovation for five minutes after the showing was complete. At the same time, I see the fact that he’s trying to raise responsible kids and not spoiled brats.

In 2009, Jackie got put in some hot water because he stated that the Chinese people needed to be controlled.
He enjoys all aspects of the genre and loves discovering new projects and supporting those that share the same passion he does.
That being said, I’ve come across some interesting bits of news that I figured would spark some fun discussions.
Well he’s done it again by saying that protesting in China should be controlled as well.
That being said, I don’t think he should talk badly about the films that put him on the map on the US, no matter how he feels about it.

I just find it strange that he’s saying things like this right before his film comes out, especially when he needs the views.
Of course, Jackie clarified this by saying that his son is capable and should be able to make his own money.

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