Get a print subscription to Reader's Digest and instantly enjoy free digital access on any device. Quick Fix: If the first piece you slice is overbearingly salty, glaze the rest of the ham with sweet flavor. Quick Fix: Resist adding granulated sugar—you won’t get the full effect unless you reheat the sauce and the sugar dissolves. We will use your email address to send you the newsletter each week, and we may also send you occasional special offers from Reader's Digest.
Some people like to travel by train because ?it combines the slowness of a car with the cramped public exposure of ?an airplane. How to Fix It: Drain the vegetables and place in a food processor or blender with a bit of butter and puree until smooth, then serve on the side as an easy vegetable puree. You can also add chicken broth to the puree to thin it out into a wonderful creamy vegetable soup. How to Fix It: You can fix dishes that are way too spicy by adding either dairy or sweetness. How to Fix It: You can fix separated buttercream frosting by placing the mixing bowl with the frosting in it into an ice bath.
You can also let the pasta cool completely and use it in another dish such as a noodle soup or a delicious pasta frittata. You can also save gluey mashed potatoes by adding veggies, chunks of ham or cheese, dusting with flour and frying into delicious potato cakes like these. How to Fix It: You've probably heard the tip about adding a raw potato to a too salty dish, but the truth is that really doesn't work.
If it's a pasta or rice dish, remove part of the pasta or rice and stir in plain, cooked, unsalted pasta or rice.

And just like with too-spicy foods, you can serve it with a plain unseasoned side like mashed potatoes, plain pasta, or plain rice to balance the seasoning.
Offset the bitter, burned flavor by drizzling veggies with an acidic ingredient such as lemon juice, orange juice, or vinegar.
Stir in a tablespoon of fruity white wine (such as Chardonnay) for a bright, floral flavor. Place only the leaves in a salad spinner or shake in a colander to draw out excess moisture.
In a medium bowl, combine 1 cup honey with 3 to 4 tablespoons orange juice, apple juice, or pineapple juice. Raid your fridge for spreadable cheese—such as ricotta or cream cheese—and fold into the puree to taste for texture.
Instead, start by stirring in 1 tablespoon maple syrup and 1 teaspoon of a sweet drink like apple juice, orange juice, or fruity white or red wine. We were sitting on the runway, and he said, “OK, folks, we’re gonna be taking off in a just few—whoa! New cooking methods, unfamiliar ingredients, a temperamental oven, or even just a few minutes of distraction can sometimes turn what seemed like a simple recipe into a total mess. Cut the spice in a sauce, chili, stew or soup by stirring in plain yogurt, sour cream, buttermilk or heavy cream. If it's still too spicy to eat, serve it as a sauce or side over plain rice, pasta, or mashed potatoes. Place it in a collander and run under a cool faucet, using your fingers to separate the grains. Fill a larger pan or bowl half way with ice cubes and water, then plung the frosting bowl into the ice bath (make sure no liquid gets in the frosting) and whip the icing by hand or with a hand mixer until it comes together and becomes creamy, smooth frosting.

Spread them out in a casserole dish and dot with butter and lots of grated cheese (I like parmesan, but cheddar is also good) and breadcrumbs. If it's a soup or stew, you need to remove part of the liquid and replace it with plain liquid (so remove a few cups of the too-salty broth and replace with unsalted broth or water). Place in a casserole dish, pour in a few cups of hot chicken or beef broth, cover it, and let it sit a bit. Spread the mashed potatoes in an 8-by-8-inch baking dish, drizzle with 2 tablespoons melted butter, sprinkle with ? cup grated cheese (such as Parmesan), and top generously with ? cup bread crumbs.
If it becomes too dry, add 1 cup of chicken broth for every 4 cups of stuffing; allow to soak for 1 minute before adding more. Vigorously whisk, then baste the ham with the glaze before serving (don’t return it to the oven—the heat will draw out moisture and make the meat saltier). Lightly pour over vanilla ice cream, and top with whipped cream, cherries, nuts, and other tasty garnishes. If it's too-salty chicken or meat, try chopping it up and tossing with pasta or salad greens to make an entree salad, or tuck it into bread for a delicious sandwich. You can also chop it up and toss it with dressing and mixed greens for a quick and easy entree salad.

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