ITS not a job for the faint-hearted, but workers took to the 100ft Christ The Redeemer statue to fix him after a lightening storm. Riding an electric bike is a green form of transportation, No gasoline and exercising yourself.You could customize your own electric bicycle with e bike kit,and this bike diy can be done at home with fun.
Bike conversion kit usually includes an electric bike motor,a motor controller,throttle and brake lever,battery and charger is optional.The most popular electric bike kit package consists of 250 and 750 watts electric hub motor,36 volt 10 amp-hour lithium LiFePO4 battery,and 2-amp charger.
Electric conversion kit is gaining more popularity in Euro-American countries for its affordable price and wonderful experience.An converted e-bike can travel up to 15 to 50 miles per hour. BLDC motor may be described as stepper motor, with fixed permanent magnets and possibly more poles on the rotor than the stator.

This electric motor has the more acceleration at low end, better mid range, and more top end.
Three types of hub motors are used to install on electric bicycles, electric tricycles, electric scooters. Front motors are fit for standard 100 mm front forks and rear motors are fit for standard 135 mm rear forks. The three primary functional components of a lithium-ion battery are the negative electrode, positive electrode, and the electrolyte.
The positive electrode is generally one of three materials: a layered oxide, a polyanion, or a spinel.

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