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The movie Armored Command features these tanks on live-fire exercise in the 7th Army training grounds in Germany in the 1960s in some of typical, nasty, German, cold, wet weather. One of the tanks in the film footage had the ration boxes stacked up and the spare road wheel tossed on the front fender.
The Fourth Armored division still had the battalions it did in WWII as the Regimental lineage system wasn't introduced yet.
The tanker's jacket was still an optional item for tank crew into the 1970s and the demise of OG green uniforms so the figures in the kit are not wrong. Trace it onto the gold card and cut out 2 of these shapes and glue them together to make it stronger. Pull the side sections back with a slight twist inwards, secure at the elastic band, I used string at this point as putting another elastic band on wasn't strong enough to hold all the hair.

Hit the shops and buy lots of different flowers to decorate your wig.  Go to your local Disney store to get Pascal and don't forget your frying pan!!! I have a bad habit to collect all kind of jars ;-) glass jam jars, tomato sauce and even cans.
Et fixez le tissu sur la boite de conserve en le maintenant quelques secondes pour qu’il adhere bien.
I have used these jars to tidy the things of my little girl, brush, serum…but I will do it again for me for my office or my make-up brushes in my bathroom. There are 2 options : you can either create first the name with the knitting dolly and put through the metalic string inside and then form the name or create first the name with the metalic string and put the knitting. I had also cover shoe box with fabric in the same spirit if you want to see the tutorial in video it’s here.
Plait the hair, at the same time incorporate a ribbon into the plait AND take some hair from the short wig, plait it and incorporate THAT into the wig, plait until you're three quarters of the way down the wig, now we have to add on the second wig! I have collected various of pendants and necklaces, beaded bracelets, bling bling earrings and other amzing accessories!

Et bien figurez-vous que l’on peut vraiment habiller ces boites et les rendre super girly et pratiques. Il y a deux ecoles pour le realiser soit faire le tricotin d’abord puis le passer dans le fil de fer et creer le prenom apres. The old tanker's helmet was still around in some units in the early 1960s, after all Elvis wore one on slick M48s the bone domes came in with the M60 and M48A3.
WWII-era tank helmets at the time of the Six Day War so all I had to do was drill some holes in the helmet and paint it a light tan shade using Humbrol Deck Bleached Teak as the color.

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