Imagine buying and renovating a home and your contractor tells you that you can’t have something that you really want.
Macuqui says she is very pleased with the on-site glass etching done for her by 30-year glass artist Peter Edward of Krystal Glass Company in Pompano Beach, Florida. For more than 10 years Dennis has put his trust in Krystal Glass Company by referring many customers just like Macuqui for projects such as beautiful custom designs on etched glass front doors and windows. As an alternative to clear glass, some customers want artwork etched on the glass doors they get from Sea Coast Window & Door. Dennis is focused on customer service, and he likes to be able to offer solutions to problems like Macuqui’s and suggestions to people looking for a glass etching company. In all the years that Dennis has trusted his customers to Krystal Glass Company for custom glass etching, he has never had a dissatisfied customer. When asked how he would describe the etched glass front doors and the level of quality that we provided for Dennis and his customers, he said “The quality of workmanship has always been top-notch. Metropcs employer - salary - get a free salary comparison based on job title, skills, experience and education. We apologize that ewallet & metro payment is not but not limited to, the federal communications commission. Our tailor made glass balustrades maximise your property’s potential, revitalising tired hallways and entrance halls to unleash space, light and luxurious up to date design. Glass balustrades give an elegant finish and allow uninterrupted views, whilst defining spaces.
Modern Glass can design and install bespoke glass balustrade’s tailored to any particular project or building. Modern Glass designs, manufactures and installs stunning glass balustrades for commercial and domestic clients and their in-house team of experts is accustomed to working closely a variety of clients to develop the right solution for each project.
Their glass balustrades can be frameless or glazed into a stainless steel or timber balustrade system.
Taper-Loc™ systems: Modern Glass use this innovative dry glaze, frameless glass balustrade system for the ultimate sophisticated look. Side fix systems: Offer clean lines and are perfect for staircases, atriums and open plan spaces.
Glass clamp systems: Being the most versatile, the glass clamp system can be used for most applications. Glass channel systems: Stylish in design, the glass channel system can be used indoors or outdoors.
Clients can incorporate clear, tinted, frosted or sandblasted glass in any of the above glass balustrade systems. Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction is now offering laser cutting and laser engraving services on a variety of substrates, giving artists the tools to make a wider variety of creations with their ideas.

If you are interested in a price quote, use our Orders Upload form and send us the file and request a quote.
For artwork to be scanned first by us see our services and pricing page for details on our scanning process. Answer: If there is a problem that is our fault we will either make it right or refund your money. Answer: We cannot be held responsible for errors that are due to client file issues, or issues related to using a material that was not appropriate for the file.
Answer: As a general rule your cut lines should be as thick as the material (twice as thick for thin, fragile papers). We guarantee our work, and we guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with the results or we will either refund your money or make it right. The project might not have happened if she had not asked Dennis if he knew of a good glass etching company for her front door. We recently interviewed Dennis Smith, president of Sea Coast Window & Door in Pompano Beach, Florida, about the special relationship our two companies share. He refers his customers to us with confidence because he knows they will be taken care of in the same manner that they are used to from him. He etched the entryway of the Sea Coast Window & Door showroom in Pompano Beach about ten years ago. They create a dramatic look, maximizing light and space and can be used for staircases, balconies and terraces.
Modern Glass’ in-house team will carry out a site survey and help to draw up the necessary working drawings and specifications.
The glass is fixed into a mild steel or stainless steel channel using a two-part epoxy resin. They can be bolt fixed or channel fixed using toughened or toughened and laminated 15mm glass. Giclee printing can be combined with laser cutting to create unique products and works of art, or as a stand alone service to create art and crafts, or as part of the process of art creation. The setup fee is to take your file and get it ready for etching or cutting, check its integrity etc. Artists are encouraged to supply their own materials, although we do carry some of the more common items such as colored paper, some wood and acrylics. For vector engraving, light engraving lines should be set to magenta, medium engraving lines set to green, and heavy engrave lines set to red. We will always try and finish earlier than five days, but if you absolutely require the job sooner, we will either charge a rush fee or refer you elsewhere if we’re too busy. Things that are our fault would include cutting the file the wrong size, cutting the file on the wrong material or mixing up your materials, colors etc., or machine errors that skew or laser cut the materials incorrectly.

The use of the laser requires a certain amount of expertise, and PROTOTYPING IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. This is something that could have been resolved with prototyping and testing your concept before you put it into full production. His company specializes in sales and installation of impact-resistant hurricane windows and doors in South Florida with a quick turnaround time of one week or less. The glass can also be etched to give privacy to the occupants in the home’s interior by choosing a design that has lots of coverage or that is etched in reverse.
A total of seven glass panels were etched with a custom tropical design featuring palm trees and South Florida plants.
All balustrade and handrail systems are designed to comply with relevant current regulations including BS 6180, BS 6399, BS 8300, AD Part M, AD Part K and DDA guidelines.
There are no visible fixings above the base of the glass panels and the system gives the appearance of glass floating above the ground. We also have access to a huge selection of glasses that can be ordered locally within a day or two. If there is anything incorrect and it is an error on our end, we take responsibility and will refund your money or redo the job at our discretion.
If you have a one off custom project, you would be highly advised to test your chosen material and start with a test job. This is a technical service that requires knowledge of the process and tools if you are creating your own project. All lines should be as thin as possible (0.25mm), with cut lines being one color, and engrave or score lines in another color.
He etched a beautiful, nude mermaid design on the glass shower enclosure in the master bathroom.
We understand this can add cost and time to a project, but if it is your first time using the laser, or your first time using a particular material, you should start with a small test job (i.e.
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Please note that if you don’t know what any of this means then you either need our help making your file (see below for file conversion), or you need the help of a graphic design professional.
Here’s a short video explaining the work that needs to go into preparing an image file for vector conversion.

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