I have an iframe embedded inside a fan page of FB, and I want to show a fixed box (like a dialog box) at the center of the screen. When I click in the green button behind (named "Apply for this position") it always shows the "Thank you" dialog at the center of the screen. Otherwise, you will have to stick to using JavaScript's popup box functions: alert(), confirm(), and prompt(). If I understand correctly, the Intel page is not yours and you want to mimic that popup box, correct?
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged css facebook iframe or ask your own question. Would a full body diamond armor and sword guarantee survival and victory against a medieval battalion? The knot most people use in these situations is, of course, the perennial and ubiquitous bowline, which is not quite ideal in this application, as it is bulkier than it needs to be (a drawback, for instance, when you have to hoist a halyard shackle up close to masthead sheave) and involves a fixed bight or loop of line that necessarily must be larger than necessary. The halyard knot is very secure and is very unlikely to come undone after it has been loaded up. The halyard knot, renowned for its shy, retiring habits and character, declined to appear at the awards ceremony and afterwards could not be reached for comment. I see this as an unfortunate name and award: knots that attach rope to an object should be known as “hitches”. By tucking the bitter end back through, you are locking the half hitches so they can’t work out over time. Charlie is Cruising editor for SAIL and has been associated with the magazine since the mid-1990s.

The eagle-eyed among you will have already singled out two entries on that list that are, in fact, nonsense masquerading as improvements, but the others all sound pretty welcome.
That system made it problematic for Mojang to add challenge to combat scenarios for players in full armour without creating a world of one-hit kill beasties for those not clad head-to-toe in diamond. Clicking on links in articles to retailers or publishers may mean we earn a small commission. The solution is you just need to get scroll position of the viewport from the parent of the iframe which is Facebook URL.
If you are determined to get this functionality, you will need a vast knowledge of JavaScript and a decent amount of how jQuery works.
In the always hard-fought Cordage Utility category the ballots have been counted and the surprise winner this year is the mysterious halyard knot. Pass a line through the shackle in question, take two full turns around the standing part, then slip the bitter end up through the turns alongside the standing part. Unlike a bowline, however, it is not that easy to untie once it has been in service for a while.
In the poacher’s knot turns go upward, and in this knot they go downward from a loop. To finish it, the bitter end has to come back under the first turn, but in this present configuration it is clearly unnecessary. He has more than 45,000 bluewater miles under his keel, including six transatlantics and three singlehanded passages, and has owned and maintained three different cruising boats over the years. After that, I'd use Chrome and inspect the three script elements in the iframe (primarily the second and third), and then look at the event listeners for the green button itself.

Unknown to many sailors, the halyard knot is nonetheless an elegant compact knot that is particularly handy to know about if you need to bend a line on to some sort of shackle or clip (a halyard shackle being the eponymous example) on a more-or-less permanent basis, but are too lazy (or ignorant) to be bothered with actually splicing the line on to said bit of hardware.
The result is a low-profile slip knot that will snug down tight and neatly against the shackle.
And those that do know may sometimes find themselves in situations where splicing a line to shackle is not practical or feasible. This way your halyard will last really forever and the mantle is used over a much greater area and you have a chance to practice this knot every year. Author of the book The Modern Cruising Sailboat (International Marine-McGraw-Hill), Charlie has been writing his blog WaveTrain since October 2009.
In those instances where a knot is, or must, be used, our judging panel agreed unanimously that the halyard knot is by far the most qualified candidate. Not even now, in 2015, years after someone completed a 1:1 scale replica of Minecraft within Minecraft.
Facebook doesn't want you doing anything crazy and messing with the presentation of the page itself (i.e. Following on from last months' Ender Dragon battle fix, The latest snapshot, catchily titled 15w36a, herarlds the dawn of a new era in which you're more vulnerabe while wearing armour, the AI's a bit less buggy, and you can fish more effectively.

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