My partners sons 2004 clio was fine until he slammed the bonnet from mars or somewhere higher and now the bag and serv light are on. A?15-A?150 sort of thing) Which tool do you recommend as some do not reset the air bag light.

The guy said i need new pretensioners for both the driver side and passenger side, on the computer it said for both sides, short circuit. ThanksiĀ»?chevy790: my wife clio-theairbag light has come on---------i checked under passenger seat-all wires soldered(no connectors)-----under drivers seat all wires soldered only the main block from pretensioner but all wires appears to have a good connection---------------could the pre tensioner which has 3 sets of 2 wires coming from it be faulty?-would a scan show up the actual fault to be in wiring or pretensioner-just wondering if u might know as its about A?25 thanksiĀ»?chevy790: does anyone know-if high level brake light on clio not working-is this an mot failure--?

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