The Polo Playa has a long history of supplying South Africans with trustworthy transportation.
The Polo Playa 1.4i produces 62 kW of power at 5500 rpm with a torque of 118 Nm at 4500 rpm.
The Polo Playa comes with power steering, a height-adjustable steering column, interior reading light, comprehensive instrumentation, and a 4-speed heating and fresh air ventilation system. The Polo Playa was built for the people, off all sizes and shapes, and is still a great buy today.

With its affordable price tag and attractive appearance, buying a VW Polo Playa is a great choice. With their dedication to manufacturing reliable vehicles, the Volkswagen has established an excellent reputation.
The Polo Playa 1.8i produces 82 kW of power at 5200 rpm with a torque of 162 Nm at 3500 rpm. It’s roomy and comfortable and the controls and levers are carefully positioned to be easy in reach.

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