Spoiler Cultural O melhor da cultura pop e nerd trazendo desde novidades quentes a o melhor do passado mais recente ou nao. Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard on the set of "Five Seconds of Silence" filming on Hampstead Heath. Acabou de ser lancado o primeiro trailer do filme “Aliados” dirigido por Robert Zemeckis e estrelado por Brad Pitt e Marion Cotillard.
Brad Pitt carries an adorable baby on his shoulders while filming his new movie Five Seconds of Silence on Thursday (March 31) in London, England. Brange has been living in London lately because Brad Pitt is shooting a film there with Marion Cotillard. I enjoyed both, but after reading them and a few others, I need a break from the WWII era stuff.
Well a lot of people lost their lives so you could have your freedom of speech to criticize movies.
The tabloids and some people who wants Brad & Angelina to split always link them with their co stars. Brad Pitt has been gunning for an Oscar for years without success, so when in doubt go WWII. And I hope one day that the demographics of Oscar voters becomes diverse enough that we don’t have to deal with all of these paint by numbers award bait-y WW2 films.

I get your point (we live in pretty scary times not too dissimilar to the prelude to this war) but I think the message in these films get lost due to over saturation.
I want to recommend a great book by a great writer set during WWII-Gone to Soldiers by Marge Piercy.
Brad issuch a God awful actor, I hope not, but then since when are the Oscars a measure of quality? A new teaser trailer for the upcoming movie Allied starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard has been released! Anyway, Brad and Marion are here working on a scene in which they run out of a building holding hands and escape in a car.
STAR Magazine has been trying to make the Brad-Marion-Angelina triangle happen for a few weeks now and it hasn’t taken. After falling in love with a French agent during a dangerous North African mission, an Allied counter-intelligence agent is quietly notified that the woman he has married and had a baby with is likely a Nazi spy. Five Seconds Of Silence is due in November which means they’re hoping for holiday box office and, perhaps, some awards attention?
He did so much to help us after Katrina and God knows we need him now, and all the help we can get. Michelle Maclaren is directing, so at least it’s exciting that it’s a female director!

The not subtle dramatic score underlying every climatic point for you, wwII and an exotic set. I understand that the 40s- 50s have a sort of glamour due that it was when many people still living today were born. This movie will probably rise and fall on whether or not they have good chemistry, which is hard to tell in the teaser. You act like the artists making war movies are the same people who suffered through the consequences of those wars! He almost ruined 12 Years A Slave for me…thank the gods he was in it for like 5 minutes.
It has been since Friday when homes took on water, today is Monday and those homes are STILL under water. It’s Memorial Day long weekend coming up in America but if there may be a story here for them to start some sh-t. Anyway there was some bullsh-t tabloid speculation a few weeks ago about how Angelina Jolie is all jealous about Marion, predicting a Brad-Marion affair.

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