I was once skeptical of buying glasses online and worried that my glasses wouldn’t fit well.
Because of nose surgury when I was a child, I find that very narrow keyhole bridges work the best for me, however, it is very difficult to find in the stores in my area. Choosing sunglasses based on your face shape can give you a stylish look all your own. A stylist rule is to choose styles that are opposite to your face shape. These #chic cat eye sunglasses will look absolutely perfect, and won’t add a lot of bulk to the top of a #heart shaped face. These sunnies are so #classic and #refined, and will look great on any #long faced #trendsetter.

I love the beach, palm tress, sunsets, my dogs Chloe and Stella and the love of my life Douglas.
Alexandra Peng, designer of TC Charton eyewear was inspired to create a line of fashionable eyewear to meet the needs of people who have flat nasal bridges resulting in uncomfortable fitting glasses that often sit too low or rest on the cheeks. With the increase popularity of plastic frames in today's markets, Asian americans and other ethinicities are having trouble finding plastic frames that fit properly because they are almost always manufactured without adjustable nose pieces. Nederland, Amsterdam, 27 januari 2013.Twee kinderen kijken met 3d brillen naar de 3d film Finding Nemo in Pathe Arena.
Most asian facial features lack a prominent nasal bridge making eyewear selection limited to metal frames with adjustable nose pieces.

Alexandra Peng has found a solution by creating extended bridges in her line of TC Charton plastic frames. Find yours and use these recommendations to help narrow your search in stores.What’s your face shape?

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