A $1300 factory option offered only in Japan (and now discontinued), these sideskirts are made of a rubber like material, not fiberglass which is prone to cracking.
Note: Due to the extreme flexibility of the sideskirts, they are prone to bending and flexing during shipping.
Don't forget to complete the exterior "99spec" look with the 1999+ OEM front bumper, combination lights, fog lights, sidemarkers, rear wing, tailights, and rims as well! With a mission to place Kutch, Gujarat on the China Clay (Kaolin) producer map of India, Akshar Minerals( An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company) was founded in 1996 by  Mr.
Akshar Minerals is engaged in mining, processing and trading of China Clay, Bentonite, Silica and Pyrophyllite for last 17 years.
Besides domestic marketing Akshar Minerals is also involved in export of crude as well as processed China Clay to some leading companies in the Middle-East, Asia & Africa. As a customer oriented company, its head office is located in Bhuj, the capital of Kutch, managed by Mr. The Company has gained for itself a niche in the China Clay market over past 22 years from customers spread over several sectors of the industry both within India & Internationally.

The concept of the linear drain system centers on the idea of creating a one-way slope to a single line which extends completely between two vertical surfaces. It is important to note that there are two basic categories of linear drain available on the market today. Stay ConnectedfacebooktwittergooglepinteresthouzzSignup to receive the Form & Function eNews. Lightweight composite ( metal ) belt guard easily detaches for quick abrasive belt change; simple belt tracking adjustment knob.
Production capacity is being increased to meet ever increasing demands of the market in different industries such as Ceramic, Refractories, Pesticides, Paint, Paper, Rubber & Fiberglass etc. It is critical that wherever the linear drain is placed in the shower pan, it must extend completely between two vertical surfaces to avoid standing water “dead spots”. One makes achieving the look of a linear drain possible with a decorative cover, yet still retains the old two-part clamping ring drain system beneath.
With our patented Sure Flow SystemTM, not only can you count on a beautiful shower design, you can count on its being easier to install and functioning more efficiently for years to come! The one-way slope in the shower pan, combined with a 100% sloping linear drain trough allows for the most complete drainage of any linear drain available.

The Hurricane 345® Tour Plus comes with the patent pending golf towel bar, burled walnut fiberglass shaft and non-pinching frame. Once standing water dries in a drain trough, it leaves deposits which make the drain nearly impossible to clean.
The purpose was to extract and process the rich deposit of high quality China Clay mineral found in the area. To ensure that customers are getting quality product and services, the company is continuously investing in research and development, upgrading the skills and expertise of its people and enhancing its technology.
The second category of linear drain – to which the QuickDrain system belongs – is a true drain in that it includes a drain body beneath with a waste outlet that connects directly with the plumbing. A one-way slope in the shower pan provides a stable surface for wheelchairs and prevents slippage.

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