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Suitable for repairing and maintaining glasses, sunglasses and eyeglasses.Nice, inexpensive, 15pcs Precision Eyeglass Kit. If you bend the frame front and lens come out, before trying to reinstall it, you must bring the frame to its original shape. You can recover the plastic frame folds and deformations only after you warm it up (with hot air). In case of a broken plastic frame, you can stick it with specific plastic glue or super glue if you have at hand (!!
Also in case of detached hinges you can use a bit of glue to catch it in place.After such interventions on frames, you will need to know how to adjust eyeglasses to suit your face.
Even though it seems much easier and faster to go to an optical store when you have one close to fix your glasses, maybe sometimes you will have to turn to online eyeglass repair services.

If you break a chain or lose the locking system, I suggest a jeweler who has the tools and finesse to fix such chains.
Trifocals Sep 06, 16 08:26 AMQ: Does anybody produce a trifocal lens, in plastic, transition type, with the middle section of the trifocal being 10 mm, not 7-8? Coghlan’s Eyeglasses Repair Kit has everything you need for minor emergency repairs to glasses when camping, traveling, work or home. Additional information about our products, including instructions, helpful tips, and warranty information. Coghlan's has a wonderful variety of products for learning about insects, orienteering or simply flying a kite. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Repair kit includes spare hinge screws and comes in its own carry pouch to fit in a purse or car.

Great for fixing Eyeglasses and SunglassesThe kit may be used for repairing and maintaining of other small products such as watches.Overall fair, universal set with variety of tools and accessories to repair your glasses.
Especially the frame front welding must be smooth and not obstruct the ditch of the frame, to can mount in the lens. Otherwise you can catch the lens to the frame or you can damage the lens, if glue gets on its surface, especially if made of plastic.

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