Titanium eyeglass frames, they're super-light and strong, but what happens when they break? The process took less than 30 minutes and the customer saves a nice wad of cash that can be used for better things than an entire replacement. We're a jewelry store with a highly specialized welding machine for fusing many types of metals — precious and non-precious. How long does it take?Some repairs can be completed in 45 minutes, other more complex reconstructions can take an entire afternoon. Do you know who in the west coast does repairs like this?To us, a "repair like this" involves specialized cutting-edge equipment, experience, and a genuine caring and desire to ensure the welded region is reinforced as much as possible. We are stocked with common and unique parts needed to repair your eyeglasses just in case any part was lost during damages.
All American uses a laser welding technique that allows us to repair nearly all metal frames on the market (Titanium, Rimless, Drill Mount,) while minimizing any discoloration. View Details12cm x 2 Black Glasses Eyeglasses Spectacle Plastic Frames Temple Ear End Tip Repair Grip. With our state of the art laser welding technology we can repair most broken or damaged eyeglasses and sunglasses frames. With more than 25 years experience in high end casting, moulding and detailed Laser Welding we’ll repair your eyeglasses cost effectively within 1 hour.
We have more than 25 years of successful, high level service delivery in jewelry manufacturing as well as the specialized jewelry, casting, molding and jewelry repair trade. We have the latest state of the art laser welding equipment capable of welding and repairing both metal and plastic eyeglass frames and parts. EyeglassesRepair.ca offre des services de reparation pour tous les types de lunettes ainsi que des lunettes de soleil. With the help of an inexpensive eyeglass repair kit, you can perform minor repairs on eyeglass frames.
If the hinge is stretched out, cover the tips of a pair of pliers with masking or duct tape to avoid scratching the frames and then use the pliers to bend the hinge gently back into place.
If the screw is lost, replace it with one of the screws from the kit, or slip a miniature safety pin into the screw hole and close it.
Dab a tiny bit of clear nail polish on the hinge screw once you've tightened it to hold the screw in place. If the metal hinge has broken off the frame, wash both surfaces and scrape away any paint or old glue. If the earpiece keeps slipping off the frame or has broken off, re-adhere it with fast-bonding glue. Ask your optometrist about making regular eyeglass adjustments to prevent breakage from wear and tear.
If you can find a bench jeweler willing to repair them the old way, it would involve removing the lenses in an attempt to join the broken halves with lead-tin solder meant for electronic circuits. Just in case the manufacturer alloyed any additional metals that would've made the area brittle, pure silver is added to reinforce the area.

This is a high-stress structural area that is hindered by the fact that the frames were originally assembled by brazing loose titanium pieces.
Microwelding provides a repair that extends the usability and buys the customer more time (and eyesight) until he can order a replacement set. Eyewear constructed of most types of metals fall under the category of something we can often repair. We don't have the facility, materials, nor inclination to get into the plastic repair business. It all depends on the complexity of the repair; how much reconstruction and reinforcement is required. Until someone else can demonstrate they'll invest the same level of care in repairing your glasses or jewelry, giving out endorsements for work we haven't observed first-hand would be a disservice to our customers. Eyewear, on the other hand, is repaired to reach structural goals — to ensure the area has an abundance of material welded at the break such that it can withstand the stresses from everyday wear.
Laser welding on eyeglass frames are one of the many innovations launched by All American Eyeglass Repair as we were the first repair facility in the country to use this technology. Fulkerson Jewelers & Clock Shop can repair them for only a small fraction of the price. Or slide an orthodontic rubber band (available from dentists) or a small rubber ring (an eyeglass repair kit may include this) over the loose hinge to hold it in place. If the repair kit's screw does not fit into the hole, do not force it, as that might strip the threads inside the frame.
This type of repair hardly ever proves to be worthwhile since the brittle, porous properties of solder will forecast another break in the near future.
The art of welding relies on experience to pull material in strategic directions to optimize the holding strength. The original brazing alloy at that very point makes it a bit difficult to determine if the titanium is fused underneath. The plastic frame example you see on this page shows welding done to the METAL HINGE embedded in the plastic frame.
Showing up 10 minutes before we close won't be a smart move if you need the glasses back same-day. Let us fix your broken eyeglass frames in just minutes and save that favourite pair of eyeglasses that you thought was finished.
Our state of the art laser welder delivers a pinpoint precise laser beam so that virtually no heat is transferred to the lenses.
Golden Crown Jeweler's microwelding process fuses titanium ends directly to each other for a bond that comes as close to the original material strength as possible.
Only if the goal is to destroy the surrounding resin and permanently haze the prescription lens.
Repair quotes take into account cost of supplies, reinforcement material, and the fact that reconstructive eyeframe repair is often far more time-consuming than jewelry repair. If you still have the nosepiece that broke off at a metal point, we can repair that but we don't stock eyewear parts.

Microwelding allows us to offer near-surgical precision where torch-soldering almost always leaves a large destruction spot. I would highly recommend their services to anyone with broken eyeglasses or broken jewelry of any type.
Unlike a torch soldering procedure, microwelding involves no flames so the lenses can often stay intact in the frames. At our workbench, the tiny sheared halves are microscopically fused and pure silver is used to fill any gaps for added strength. Sometimes a customer will bring in frames caked in superglue from their self-bungled repair attempt. Some customers use this repair to get them by while they wait out the weeks for their optical shop to finish an updated prescription, others continue to use their repaired frames as their primary or spare pair.
Because we're not inclined to intentionally break frames we just finished repairing, the indirect observation that customers are going about their busy lives is a sign our repair and reinforcement technique is holding up to everyday use.
The customers who first and foremost seek to regain their eyesight are very happy with the repair. With more than 25 years experience […]Sunglasses RepairSunglasses repairing services. Brand-name or not, expensive or dirt-cheap, we've successfuly repaired nearly every metal frame a customer has brought in. If you're seeking a perfect cosmetic repair, by all means, order new frames & lenses from the eyewear shop.
You love your sunglasses but we all know how tough we can be on them and sometimes they break. All frames of metal construction can be repaired, from standard aluminum frames to titanium. In rare cases where experience tells us the frame is an unlikely repair candidate, we'll be the first to let the customer know. Things will depend on how much stress is in the area that broke, the specific alloy material used in the frame, and how the glasses are worn daily. Our stance is that if the glasses break in the same spot again, you're entitled to bring it back and we'll try to further reinforce the area. If you cannot visit our Head Office in Downtown Montreal we can still fix your broken eyeglasses or eyeglass frames by doing the process through the mail. Simply contact us to make the necessary arrangements and we will be glad to fix your eyeglasses. We offer replacement parts that we can install on your eyeglasses and sunglasses, restoring them to excellent condition.

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