Click any of the images on the page to see our photo gallery of rimless glasses components. Although they are called frameless or rimless, this type of glasses have certain parts of traditional frames in another form. They last longer because are fixed in holes, and are not removable unlike the threaded ends that can become weak sometimes. Trifocals Sep 06, 16 08:26 AMQ: Does anybody produce a trifocal lens, in plastic, transition type, with the middle section of the trifocal being 10 mm, not 7-8?

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The Kate Spade Agneta is a rectangular, acetate frame that comes in four stylish color combinations.
Plastic caps that are joined with the metal ends of the temple or the nose bridge and once placed in holes of the lens they expand and will not move. I say "almost" because your choice should take into account certain aspects such as where will be the holes for temples, lens thickness and not least the final look of the glasses.

Commonly two ends are used to be more reliable than one end set.Otherwise, it's a common eyeglass temple with hinges and screw for mobility, made of various materials and have different colors. Therefore, here we have temples and nose bridge attached directly to the lenses with threaded ends or plastic caps.

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