Nail art may be a thing of the past (well, almost) but taking its place is polish finishes that are anything but ordinary. Each polish in the collection is completely different and the collection lets you achieve a variety of looks. I used no base coat or top coat with this and had decent wear… about 3 days without any chipping. Officially launching on May 31, 2016, Essie Aim to Misbehave is the brand’s 1000th shade! To celebrate, they decided to opt for a celebratory yellow, which is pretty unique when it comes to the kinds of polishes that Essie tends to release. Is it just me, or do you also think that Austin Powers should’ve been part of this Essie campaign? You know that I absolutely love experimenting with all the colours in the rainbow, and yellow nail polish is no exception. In this post, I go into detail about what I think about Essie Aim to Misbehave in terms of the colour and the formula. Where to Buy: Beauty destinations worldwide starting May 31, 2016, such as Trade Secrets, Nail Polish Canada, and select spas and salons. Aim to Misbehave by Essie is a golden, egg-yolk yellow that I feel would look the most flattering on those with a richer skin tone than mine. Yellow nail polishes are known for having bad formulas, but Aim to Misbehave by Essie is one of the rare exceptions to the rule. I was quite surprised how well the first coat covered, but it definitely needed a second coat. The colour was slightly intensified from the second to the their coat, so if you are careful with your application, there’s a chance that you may be able to get away with just two coats. Essie Aim to Misbehave is a limited-edition shade, so if you really like it, you should pick it up soon before it’s gone for good. Introducing a new pearl technology to capture that absolutely desired yellow wear, there’s nothing mellow about this bright colour. The essie 1000th shade will be available for a limited time in beauty destinations worldwide starting May 31st, 2016. Even though this particular shade of yellow may not be the best on me, I still gave it a high Final Verdict score because the formula is great and I applaud Essie for doing something unexpected!

Hmm, but at the same time, it makes me sad thinking about him possibly selling them and profiting off of someone else’s loss. If you take a photo while wearing this, I would LOVE to see your manicure (and drool profusely over it)!
Nail Polish,the fantastic makeup item that is simply amazing.Having beautiful and sparkling nail paint really matters a lot a sit tends to enhance your spark. Ladies also love to have light soothing colors in their nail art styles.Thus very fine latest varieties of light color shades are here.
Essie may be the last to the finish line in coming out with their own uniquely finished polish, but they’ve definitely taken the category to the next level with their Encrusted Treasures Collection. Also, as per my usual reviews, I show you what it looks like in bright artificial light and in natural light. On me, I feel like the contrast isn’t strong enough, and you know how I like bold colours! It shimmers intensely (even more than my photos would suggest) when you view it in the sunlight!
Although this provided great coverage, I decided to see if I could amp up the colour even more, so I added a third and final coat. I found it easy to spread it onto my nails without much effort, and after waiting a few minutes in between coats, the coverage was simple to get even. It’s a star studded event that only essie can assemble to honour its highly anticipated 1000th shade.
But without further ado and timed perfectly to its 1000th shade celebration, essie introduces a beguiling shade of shimmering citron.
It’s a party for your nails! Aim to Misbehave is inspired by the one who makes her own rules.
I agree it can be fussy (and frustrating) to get a nice, clean, vibrant look…I struggle with it! I can see it looking absolutely stunning on you, and you would surely rock it better than I ever could. By using this site, you signify that you agree to be bound by these Universal Terms of Service.
Tremendous varieties of new nail polish colors have been introduced that are so much lovely.

The beautiful feature of them is the wide range of color combinations.Now,you can have each and very light color nail polish that can best match with your dress.
This style is very unique and adds grace in your personalities.Thus it has become the choice of ladies across the world. This is due to what Essie calls their new pearl technology, which sparkles and feels smooth on the surface of your nails. And because the most-talked-about fetes tend to break the rules, this fashionable yellow debut calls for a wild celebration. Let’s celebrate, live for the moment, pop the bubbly and aim to misbehave – shall we? Especially when it comes to nail polishes that are heavily white-based (like pastels), I find that they can look very different in natural light versus artificial light. Even that the latest designs are here that look so much unique with regard to their trendy styles. Such collections look beautiful when being selected for party and wedding occasions.Having matching color jewellery and dress further enhance their charm.
Such collection is the best choice for casual and semi casual purposes.But you can also carry them for party occasions where most of the ladies like to wear elegant light color dresses at parties. Off white,light white,pure white etc are a  few of those shades.While more are available in markets. There’s a dude stealing hundreds of bottles of nail polish from the drugstore, and they’re exclusively Essie nail polishes! Such collection is available in a number of colors varying from very light to medium bright and full bright stuff.
Teen age girls look so much pretty when they carry these charming cutics designs with them.

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