UV curing adhesives use ultraviolet (UV) light or other radiation sources to initiate curing and form a permanent bond without heating. Ultraviolet (UV) or visible light cures or polymerizes a combination of monomers and oligomers in a UV adhesive. UV curable adhesives consist of monomers, oligomers, photoinitiators, additives, and sometimes UV transparent fillers. The ability of UV adhesives to rapidly cure without heat provides energy savings and productivity gains. Some UV curing adhesives contain additional modifiers such as fillers, pigments, or chopped fiber reinforcements. Use temperature - The range of temperatures to which products can be exposed without the degradation of structural or other required end-use properties. Dielectric strength - The maximum voltage field that UV curing adhesives can withstand before electrical breakdown occurs. Dielectric constant - The relative permittivity of a material compared to a vacuum or free space. 9985979 - This specification covers a family of single component, solvent free, fast setting, acrylic adhesives that cure when exposed to light, either in the visible or ultraviolet range.
MIL-PRF-24793 - This specification covers the requirements of a UV curable liquid adhesive for bonding optical fibers to glass fiber optic splice, connector, and terminus ferrules. Conformal coatings encapsulate circuit boards and their electronic components in order to prevent the ingress of moisture, fungus, dust and other environmental contaminants.

Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) and contact adhesives adhere to most surfaces with very slight pressure. Silicone adhesives and sealants have a high degree of flexibility and a very high temperature resistance (up to 600° F), but lack the strength of other epoxy or acrylic resins. As Dymax authorised distributor, UV Light Technology provide support and solution for Dymax UV adhesive in Malaysia. Our Ultraviolet lamp is a high quality tool used for activating and curing UV glue and epoxy that is commonly used in the setting of watch crystals and jewelry repair.
We work hard to source top quality watch parts, tools and consumables for our customers, we are constantly revising our site and updating our product range. UV adhesives are also known as radiation curing or radcure adhesives because UV is a radiant energy sources. The light or radiation sources used in the UV or visible light curing process include medium pressure mercury lamps, pulsed xenon lamps, LEDs or lasers. The UV photoinitiator component generates free radicals or actions when exposed to UV light, which initiate crosslinking between the unsaturation sites in the monomers or oligomers.
Energy savings occurs because capital expense and production floor space required for the costly ovens required for thermally curing adhesives is eliminated. As a result, no water or solvents are released to the environment, which is better for the environment (no emissions) and safety (no flammable fumes) as well as water or solvent sensitive parts. Others contain solvent-based adhesive resins which use a volatile organic compound (VOC) to thin or alter viscosity.

Others, which are more common, begin tacking when contacted by UV, but still require a given length of time to fully set.
They require clean surfaces and are valued for their toughness and resistance to chemical and environmental damage. This means that customers have access to a comprehensive choice of competitively priced parts in a user friendly environment.
Thermally cured adhesives can take hours to cure compared to UV adhesive, which can cure in seconds to minutes. Alternatively, please contact us for free consultation or email to us your application and we will attend to you as soon as we can.
This light will ensure that your UV glue dries fast and sets properly, this process can be done in a matter of minutes or up to an hour or 2 depending on the type of glue being used. Always refer to the specific directions for the brand of glue you are using as they can very dramatically.

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