Listed below are several one-component UV curable coatings, adhesives, and potting compounds.
60-7105UV Urethane Resin with good adhesion and toughnessXUV Cure 60-7105 is a low viscosity urethane adhesive, coating and potting compound. 60-7108Non-Yellowing clear UV adhesive or potting compoundXUV Cure 60-7108 is a low viscosity and optically clear UV curable system.
60-7111Flexible non-yellowing urethane with good water resistanceXUV Cure 60-7111 is a non-yellowing UV Curable urethane system. 60-7114Low viscosity urethane adhesive and potting compoundXUV Cure 60-7114 is a low viscosity urethane adhesive, potting compound and coating. 60-7155Cures with black light or high intensity UV lampsXUV Cure 60-7155 is a one-component epoxy that cures with low intensity black light or high intensity UV lamps. 60-7156Flexible version of the 60-7155, low in viscosityXUV Cure 60-7156 is a one-component epoxy that cures with low intensity black light or high intensity UV lamps.
60-7158Non-Sag UV Adhesive bonds well to aluminumXUV Cure 60-7158 is a UV Curable Epoxy Adhesive formulated to bond rigid substrates.
60-7159Low viscosity UV Coating that resists yellowingXUV Cure 60-7159 is a low viscosity conformal coating for Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s), components and various substrates. 60-7170UV Cure epoxy designed for bonding or potting electronicsXUV Cure 60-7170 is a one- component epoxy that cures with low intensity black light or high intensity UV lamps.

UV curable adhesives are single part, solvent free, cure-on-demand adhesives suitable for a wide range of applications. Their use is widespread, particularly in medical device assembly and the electronics industry. Save Energy and Space – A UV curing light requires less electricity and space compared to ovens. UV curable adhesives do not dissolve, melt or weaken the surfaces of the mated items or surfaces.
Epoxies, Etc's UV curable epoxy systems do not require the addition of curing agents, cure within minutes or even seconds, and have unlimited working times. The adhesives contain photo-initiators that react to specific light wavelengths, thus causing the curing process to begin. UV curable adhesives products became popular in medical device assembly field in the late 1980’s, when restrictions on solvent bonding drove manufacturers to find a more environmentally and user-friendly solutions. A strong chemical bond is formed between the two substrates providing a high strength alternative to other curing methods. If we do not have an existing product that meets your requirements, we will develop one!IMPORTANT:EPOXIES, ETC. Upon exposure to UV light of the proper intensity and spectral output, these products cure rapidly to form excellent bonds to a wide variety of substrates such as metals, glass and most plastics.

The boom in the electronics industry in the 1990’s, saw the introduction of many exciting new UV curing adhesives, geared to help speed up production lines by giving instant, high-performance bonding results.
A UV curable system does not require the addition of curing agents and cures within seconds. MAKES NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES OR MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS OR OTHERWISE WITH RESPECT TO ITS PRODUCTS. The information in this brochure is based on data obtained by our own research and is considered reliable. However, no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data, the results to be obtained from the use thereof, or that any such use will not infringe any patent. The properties given are typical values and are not intended for use in preparing specifications.

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