Shellac nail polish has become super popular recently, thanks to the longevity of wear without chipping or fading. Also included within the kit is one pink LED lamp, 10 cuticle pushers and 20 alcohol wipes. Application of the polish is super easy, although a little more time consuming than regular nail polish.
The process is super simple, and once the polish is cured with the lamp there is no waiting time for the polish to dry, or risk of smudging.
There is also no need to buff your nails first like with nail enhancements, so there is no damage to your nail and when it is time to remove, you soak your nails in acetone for ten minutes, and then the polish simply peels away.

Although the polish is not used to provide extra strength to nails, I did find that the extra layers prevented my nails from being damaged like normal. A few tips to help with application is ensuring you do thin coats of polish, and to make sure that during application you 'cap' the edge of your nail with the polish too, as when gel cures it shrinks. I also have a super awesome discount for you from the fab people at Epic Nail, if you enter my discount code then you will receive free standard shipping with any kit purchase. We believe every woman should be able to experience the luxury and convenience of salon quality, affordable beauty products in their own home.
As long as you can paint your nails then you will have no trouble at all applying the Shellac!

This means if this isn't done then you may experience chipping or peeling of the polish earlier than 14 days.

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