Dymax is a leading manufacturer of advanced light-curable adhesives, coatings, and light-curing equipment which work together to optimise assembly processes. To discuss your applications requiring adhesives, coatings, encapsulants or sealants, contact INTERTRONICS. Based in Spiceland, Indiana, Draper produces window shades, projector screens, projector mounts, and gymnasium equipment. Profile: Industries across the globe rely on the efficiency of their manufacturing processes to create quality products that consumers can afford. Founded in 1980, Dymax provides solvent-free UV light curing industrial adhesives and light curing systems to the medical, electronic, optical, automotive, appliance, metal finishing, power generation and industrial markets worldwide.  The company offers 25 patented adhesive and equipment technologies, fluorescing adhesives for in-line inspection and an equipment feature for light-curing spot lamps. Exports: Dymax began working with a local distributor in Korea in 2009 to sell its products to companies in the consumer electronics industry. Importance of the Korean Market: As one of the world’s largest markets for consumer electronics, Korea is a large source of business for Dymax. Interesting FactIn 2015, Korea was the United States’ 6th largest trading partner, while the United States was Korea’s 2nd largest.

DescriptionDYMAX OP Optical Adhesives allow precision bonding, mounting and fixturing - they are optically clear, high strength, low stress adhesives that cure in seconds upon exposure to UV and visible light.
DYMAX OP Series UV curable optical adhesives are single component, low outgassing, low shrinkage and have a gap filling capability to 6mm or more, as well as long room-temperature shelf life. The products manufactured by Dymax provide design engineers with tools to dramatically improve manufacturing efficiency and lower their costs.
Dymax Corporation’s assembly and coating products and technical solutions deliver cost-saving to manufacturers in today's highly competitive marketplace.
After several years of success in the Korean market Dymax consolidated its business in Korea in 2012 and opened an office in Korea.
Prior to implementation of the KORUS FTA, most of Dymax’s American-manufactured products carried tariffs between 6.5 and 8 percent when entering the Korean market. With the creation of Dymax Korea, the company is positioned to continue to grow its business in Korea as well as in the Asia region. Environmentally resistant UV optical adhesive products are available as IPC-CC-830A approved conformal coatings, USP Class VI and ISO 10993 medical grade UV adhesives and Bellcore recognized wire tacking adhesives.

With Dymax, we offer customers comprehensive technical assistance with their product applications. Today, many of those products are tariff-free and Dymax has experienced growth in the Korean market since 2012.
A language barrier might be one of the largest hurdles, which is why Dymax recommends making sure U.S. DYMAX OP Series UV curable optical adhesives are ideal for industrial assembly applications such as lens mounting, the attachment of ceramic, glass, quartz, metal and plastic components, as well as fibre optic bonding and splicing. Together, we serve the needs of the medical, electronic, optical, aerospace, automotive, appliance, metal finishing, and alternative energy markets.

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