DYMAX recently participated in a virtual conference and tradeshow, Developments in Materials for Medical Applications, organized by the UBM Canon Medical Device Media Group. The event also featured panel discussions focusing on how materials are enabling current and emerging innovations in medical product design and functionality. DYMAX Asia will be exhibiting at Portable Innovate 2011 at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center in Shenzhen, China, July 14-15. The Dymax 5000-EC Series UV curing flood lamps are designed for high-intensity, rapid UV curing of UV adhesives, UV coatings, and UV inks.
The faster curing capability of the 5000-EC UV flood lamp systems gives them the additional ability to cure UV conformal coatings. The 5000-EC UV curing flood lamp consists of a power supply, reflector housing and 400 Watt metal halide UV curing bulb.
Take advantage of the opportunity to evaluate our light curing systems for two weeks free of charge through our Try-and-Buy program. Validating and Maintaining a Light-Curing Process - A radiometer provides a quantifiable measurement that verifies if the light-curing process is operating within the qualified parameters.
Measuring Transmission Rates Through Substrates - A radiometer can be used to measure the light transmission rates of various wavelengths through substrates that absorb various frequencies of energy.

Radiometer Calibration: Dymax recommends calibrating the ACCU-CALâ„¢ 160 radiometer every 12 months to ensure proper operation of the instrument. The virtual event offered an interactive exhibition hall that housed booths staffed by suppliers to the medical device industry. Virginia Read, DYMAX Market Segment Manager – Industrial, participated as a panelist on the topic of emerging technologies in orthopaedic materials.
5000-EC UV curing lamps are designed for processes requiring higher-intensity UV light concentrated in a narrow 5" x 5" area.
They are also used for a variety of UV bonding, UV potting, UV sealing, UV tacking, and UV encapsulating applications within the industrial, automotive, electronic, medical device, and optical industries.
Accessories can be ordered with or retrofitted to the UV curing lamp after purchase, including shutter assemblies, UV shields and UV flood lamp stands.
The ACCU-CALâ„¢ 160 radiometer greatly simplifies both validating and monitoring a light-curing process. Since all UV bulbs degrade over time, the radiometer will reveal the optimal time for bulb replacement in an UV-curing device. To assure an effective curing process it is critical to measure the light intensity reaching the cure site below any intervening substrate.

Visitors to the DYMAX booth were able to chat live with DYMAX technical experts to discuss their specific applications, view the latest developments in light-curing technology for medical device assembly, and download literature and other media.
The 5000-EC series UV flood lamps deliver concentrated light primarily in the UV-A range (320-390 nm wavelength) to achieve maximum UV cure depths and "tack-free" cures, typically in 10-30 seconds. Radiometers provide the same monitoring control for light-curing processes that thermometers provide for thermal processes. The unit is simple to operate and can be controlled manually via four buttons on the faceplate or by a USB remote interface. Measurement results are displayed on the integrated LCD display or transmitted by the USB remote interface to a computer.

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