Ellsworth Adhesives Glue Doctors include our Engineering Sales Representatives and Technical Service personnel. DYMAX 37863 Zip Shutter is designed to protect operator from UV exposure while using DYMAX UV Flood Lamps. DYMAX 1020-M is designed for rapid bonding of a wide variety of plastics typically used in the manufacture of medical devices such as reservoirs, tube sets, port fittings, drugs delivery systems and heat sensitive applications.
This new high-intensity LED lamp features many advantages over convetional spot-curing systems including no consumable bulbs to change, no warm-up, cool cures and consistent intensity for thousands of hours. The Effects of Overexposure During the Curing ProcessOverexposure to UV light during the curing process can age materials and substrates leading to cracking, physical distortion, changes in color, or even chaulking.
Common Dispensing Mistakes Made When Using Light-Curable AdhesivesThere are several mistakes that can make when implementing dispensing systems for light-curable materials. How Can I Eliminate Air Bubbles in my Adhesive?Tips on how to minimize or eliminate air bubbles during the adhesive dispensing process.

UL-Listed Conformal CoatingsDiscussion about the UL designation and how to tell if a DYMAX conformal coating is UL-Listed.
Is there a product that you are not able to purchase in the optimal package size that you want? You are trying to choose the best adhesive for your application, or maybe you’re looking for an alternative to the current one you’re using.
Why would you use a BlueWave® QX4™ LED light-curing system instead of a traditional spot-cure system with a multi-pole lightguide?
Obtaining a proper light-cure begins long before you turn on your conveyor system or spot curing lamp. Learn how using light-curable materials can benefit your manufacturing process controls for improved productivity, environmental protection, and cost savings. Identifying the manufacturer that can help your organization reach its full production and sales potential is a crucial step toward expanding your business.

Dymax understands the pressure placed on manufacturers to keep pace with changing technologies in industries like medical device assembly, consumer electronics design, and aerospace and defense.
We have an application in which we are bonding multiple tubes into a polycarbonate substrate. It allows manually and timed operating modes, minimizes stray light, controls exposure time, and reduces work surface temperature. Are you tempted to repackage bulk material into smaller containers or perhaps consolidate smaller containers into bulk?
The process of masking prior to any surface finishing operation may seem simple enough, yet it can add significant cost and decrease throughput in the simplest of applications.

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