This leads us to wonder what upcoming Xbox One and PS4 games could be worth a purchase in 2014, or even just before Christmas in 2013? We will of course keep Product Reviews readers updated with news and trailers for all of these upcoming games, so keep connected with our Google Plus and Facebook pages.
Upcoming Xbox One games in 2014 – Halo: Spartan Assault is certainly an Xbox One game worth purchasing in December 2013, but what upcoming Xbox One games could be worth a look in 2014? Some of the titles we have heard from Product Reviews readers already include Singstar, Breath of Fire, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, GTA V, Project Cars, and of course Fallout 4. Most looking forward to Tom Clancy’s The Division at the moment it looks absolutely epic cannot wait to start seeing these second wave of games hit the new machines, they are always loads better than the first wave that comes through. I really want to see SingStar fully supported on PS4 and my song collection allowed to move from PS3 to PS4. This is something we want to see as well, so we will keep PR readers updated on anything related to SingStar and PS4. This demo contains approximately three hours worth of content, with one story quest chain, a few side quests, some challenges and random encounters. Interestingly, you can try the Dying Light demo with up to three of your friends, just like the full game. The Following is going to introduce drivable vehicles (we’ve seen buggies so far), a whole new large area to explore and even some new gameplay systems.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is being released this week alongside a few interesting games, but most gamers will admit that the overall lineup is less than impressive.
As with the Xbox One, the upcoming titles for the PS4 are far more impressive than the day one launch lineup and will do far more to convince gamers to purchase the system than the slim lineup that arrives this week.
Dying Light: Developed by Techland of Dead Island fame, the game appears to be a parkour-inspired zombie survival game. Kingdom Hearts 3: Just like the above, the KH franchise became severely convoluted and diminished, and KH3 was a huge drop-off in terms of fun and quality from the first one. It was obvious there would be a need for more games at launch, although things were made worse on PS4 after both Watch Dogs and Drive Club saw the release date pushed back a number of months. There are some really good titles on the way, and in time there will be excellent titles for all types of gamers.
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition will be one of the first to release next year followed by Plants vs. Leave a comment with the title you want above all else, even if it’s a game not yet announced.
Essa geracao comeca prometendo muito.o lance de ser um mundo persistente tmb parece muito bacana. You’ll be confined in the Slums area, which is where the poor folks have always lived even before the zombie apocalypse struck.

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Self-professed TV Series addict; also fond of movies, books and generally everything that has to do with stories. Gamers need to look past the launch titles and keep and eye on what’s in the pipeline, because there are some very good games on the way. Normally a new FF would be a big deal, but after how bad the Final Fantasy 13 became, we can only be mildly intrigued.
Also, after The Last of Us ending up to be the game of this generation, we can’t wait to see what Naughty Dog does next. Zombies: Garden Warfare, Rayman Legends, Thief and then one of the most anticipated games within first-person shooter Titanfall.
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