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Dlugotrwaly efekt ochrony koloru i lsniace wlosy dzieki opatentowanej technologii ColorGrip™, ktora wnika gleboko we wlosy. Total Divas Eva Marie Has a Sexy Photo Shoot with Maxim and Nikki Bella Gets Injureda€”See the Full Recap! Total Divas Eva Marie Has a Sexy Photo Shoot with Maxim and Nikki Bella Gets Injured—See the Full Recap! Eva Marie tells JoJo about the huge Maxim opportunity and JoJo doesn't seem too happy for her. It's WWE Raw time and Nikki and Brie have a big match against the current Diva champ and the Funkadactyls!None of them hold back. Brie gets thrown into Nikki, which sends Nikki flying off the ring and onto the ground!Nikki jams her leg into the ground, which causes her severe pain in her shin.Ouch!

Eva has the professional pictures from the Maxim shoot (which you can view HERE) and she wants to show JoJo.JoJo is not excited and she continues to be very short and rude.
Nikki finally agrees to see a doctor about her leg and heads to the hospital with Brie.They do a bone scan on her leg and it's not looking good.
Meanwhile, Ariane and Vinny are in their car and Vinny says he has a big surprise for Ariane.She's nervous and wondering what it is and he says don't worry about it, that's why it's a surprise. Nikki takes her bone scans to the WWE doctor and she finally gets the news that she was dreading.The doctor tells her that it's a stress fracture and she can't wrestle for 12 weeks (three months time)!
After watching the other Divas bomb, Nikki and Brie have to go talk with the WWE to find out Nikki's fate and in reality, the fate of the Bella Twins.An executive says they've decided that Nikki cannot be in the ring or be seen limping around on crutches. Mozesz okreslic warunki przechowywania lub dostepu do plikow cookies w Twojej przegladarce. JoJo's acting really standoffish and Eva thinks it's because they're starting to compete now.JoJo admits that she really needs to find her own niche and wants to start singing for WWE. She doesn't want to ruin her career but Brie reminds Nikki that her own career is on the line. Eva knows that JoJo's jealous of her opportunity and Eva is now over the whole situation.It's a competition and she's not going to hold back.

Trinity offers to help JoJo by having her come by her dad's studio to record the Funkadactyls theme song.They're excited to start their own little singing group and they compare it to Destiny's Child. Vinny chases after her and asks her what's wrong.She says it's all too much for her right now and she's not ready to make that big of a commitment. This is a big deal!Eva says she has always wanted to be in Maxim and has a mini freak out in her car!
It's bothered her ever since.We know it's sad and painful and everything, but look how cute she was! They're The Bella Twins, they're a team.If Nikki doesn't see a doctor, Brie threatens she'll tell John and WWE.
She's bawling and admits that she wants to take a break.Vinny's hit really hard by that but says he respects her decision and will always be there for her.Stuff just got real! Brie Bella says it's always better to be overdressed than underdressed.At the dinner, Ariane reveals she's not in love with Vinny and she's nervous because he wants her to meet his family.

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