If you have been waiting for the price of LED lights to fall off, don’t need to wait anymore. Ikonna has been a well-known brand in UV Lamp and good thing they started to release their new LED light, called Ikonna LED High Performance UV Gel lamp.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. I’m really interested in upgrading my two sided exposure box to this kind of solution, but i have a doubt. Has anyone figured out where the Electrolitic capacitor (2200uF and 30v recover) is fitted? Looks like that is the working voltage of the capacitor, of course higher is fine (just not lower). Nailing down safety of gel and acrylic manicuresNails dry under LED light for 30 seconds after top coat during an OPI gel manicure.

LED light cures faster so time and energy saving, no need to change bulbs and long lasting.
Problem with UV Lamp is the bulbs diminish in power during their life time so it’s recommended to change every 6-9 months. These LEDs have narrow ray (+-10 degrees), it helps to get sharp shadow on photoresist even if photomask is not cling to the PCB very tight.
That transparent box, although cool looking, makes me think you are asking for eye cataract.
Normal glass usually absorbs too much of UV radiation, although I’m not sure if this is a problem around 400nm, or only for shorter wave lengths. After some tests, it worked awsome with Positiv20 as with pre-sensitized PCB boards that i had at home.
Because the current on which these leds( uv ultrbright 7000mcd – 400nm) operate is 20mA at 12V.

They have difference wattage and power output depending on the bulbs and how the bulbs positioned. LEDs mounted close to each other, so it provide well distributed light even with small deepness of box. I heard problem from a customer and internet somehow, LED light 9 watt is not strong enough to cure in seconds. That means with 9 watt you need to lengthen the time to cure the gel polish properly which makes the curing time almost similar to UV Lamp.

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