There are some iPhone 5c problems that prevent people from the great smartphone experience, you may encounter charging issues if your iPhone 5c Charges slowly or even doesn't charge. Hi,Audrey, you mean you didn’t use the original iphone charger and cable for your iphone? I have the iPhone 5c and I have tried 6 chargers and charging ports, the charging sign comes up but it won’t charge. I brought my iPhone 5c off eBay brand new in January and since last night it won’t charge.
I plug in my iPhone 5c and it buzzes twice and shows its charging but won’t actually charge.
Hi Kevin, try to charge it with different adapter and usb data cable, if the phone still cannot charge, perhaps the usb charging port is broken. Last night my phone started being really sensitive, the charger had to be in a certain way, then by this morning I wasn’t able to charge my phone at all.
Okay, I went to go check on my phone and the charge worked for about a second and then it didn’t work, what the heck is going on. My iPhone5c, I tried charging it and then my charger stopped so I had to move it to one postion.
Last night my phone started being really sensitive, the charger had to be in a certain way, then by this morning I wasn’t able to charge my phone at all. My iPhone 5c will not charge and I’ve bought 5 charges and they work for a couple of days and then stop working. The one thing cell phones were originally invented for, to send out messages and it isn’t working. Lock screen vulnerabilities can give anyone access to your data even if they don’t know your passcode.
Soon after iOS 7 was launched, users have complained about apps like Mailbox and Snapchat logging them out of the app. This means that the compass, gyroscope, and level aren’t working properly which is bad news for gamers or anyone who uses an app with the accelerometer.
Incognito mode in Chrome always saves some data on iOS, but now if you search for something in incognito mode in iOS 7 it’s also showing up when you’re not in incognito mode.
This entry was posted in iPhone 5 Cell Phone Repair, Iphone Repair, iPhone repairs by Sam Weiss. If you follow these simple steps, your chances increase significantly in saving your MacBook or PC laptop from imminent doom.

When we receive your device in house, we will strip down all the major components and properly clean them all. When I first got the phone my dad sent me a brand new charger for it and it wouldn’t work. Last night it died, this morning I plugged it up and it goes from a dead battery sign then goes to the apple logo then goes dark and repeats.
Brought it online from ebay so I am going to get it replaced but don’t know how and why it does that.
I know my charger works but when I charge it, it wont turn on omg PLEASE HELP QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!
However, it stopped doing it for a week or so, and it just started doing it again last night. Then recently it ripped open, and steam came out and my parents took my charger and I thought if I turned it off and turned it back on it would work, but no. It’s still unclear whether this is a hardware problem, a software bug on the 5s, or both, but users over on MacRumors are trying to figure it out. But unfortunately, the only thing you can do is stop relying on incognito mode for now while waiting for an update. All we have to do is just wait it out until all respective programmers repair all the said bugs reported.
This should go without saying, but you would be amazed at how often we see people leaving the power on. The main reason for this is to hopefully prevent the liquid from seeping further and further into the computer and getting to the logic board. Battery still carries a current, you have to cut all ties with electricity as fast as possible.
If this unfortunate event happens to you, we HIGHLY recommend sending it in for a proper MacBook water damage repair. We have an extremely high success rate due to the fact that we not only properly clean the logic boards of all major models of Apple and PC computers, but we also have the ability to offer full logic board repair. Other times we see that the logic board did suffer catastrophic failure, where it does require board level rework.
Unlike a cell phone, it will leave a lot of residue in areas that will be near impossible to clean. By taking these measures listed, and doing it quickly, you can significantly increase your chances of having a computer that remains functioning even after water spilled on it.

When connected to the charger its showing the drained battery symbol for three seconds and then it shows the symbol of apple for three seconds and again it shows drained battery symbol afta sumtime again apple symbol and this continues. But then I went home to charge it there but when i plugged it in the charger broke and i had to go back to the store for a new one. I started plugging in my phone in my room when I noticed that one of my old chargers was not in its usual place.
The best solution for the time being is to have your phone exchanged for a new one at an Apple Store. Spinning back to throw your hand back to the keyboard you quickly forget the drink sitting directly next to your brand new Macbook Air. It’s these mineral deposits that cause corrosion and cause chips and circuits to short out. This type of rework is not something that can easily be done at home, as it requires extremely qualified and skilled technicians and expensive machinery. I unplug and replug it in and I plug my phone in where the usb goes and it started to charge.
While waiting for Apple to permanently fix the bug you try to fix it by enabling Airplane Mode while making music.
The first step with a water damaged device is always cleaning of all the components, including the logic board.
If it helps I got it recently fixed (about 1 month ago.) but it charged fine after I got it fixed.
It is where I charge my phone daily and it is apparently only wanting to work in that lone spot. Once we know all components are clean, we run a full diagnostics on the computer, testing each component one by one. This might help somebody if they are trying to plug it into places that it usually doesn’t go in. Please do also tell us solutions whenever you discover them.Welcome to visit ETrade Supply’s official Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. We will publish more DIY repair tutorials and the latest news of upcoming smartphones on these social media platforms.

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