Farmhouse Coffee Table Revamp – You can turn a bland table into one with lots of rustic charm. Easy Floating Shelves –  Instead of buying pre-made, straight from the factory, cookie cutter floating shelves, make your own with these free plans! Reclaimed Wood Coat Rack –  This distressed wood coat rack offers the perfect marriage of functionality and design. Wood Slice Mirror –  Take a cheap, boring mirror from drab to fab with some plywood and wood slices! Electrical Spool Clock  – Upcycle an old, oversized wooden electrical spool as a faux clock!
Rustic Wood Stars  –  You can spend a small fortune on a pair of wooden stars from Pottery Barn, or you can make them yourself for a tiny fraction of the cost!
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Jar Sconces  –  Create a sconce with jars and rope by hanging them from hooks mounted on scraps of reclaimed wood. Kimberly Mueller is the “me” over at bugaboo, mini, mr & me, a blog that highlights her creative endeavors.
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We wanted to create one of these chandeliers after seeing so many inspiring chandelier mason jar lights on Pinterest!
We also didn’t give any information on the wiring or electrical aspect of this light fixture. 2) On two pieces of your wood, measure out five points with equal distance between them for your masons jar lights to hang and mark them off.
3) Drill holes down through the two pieces of wood on the marked points big enough to fit your wire through.
6) Cut your curtain rod extensions (You can use a hack saw or a soft metal cutter) to various sizes of your choice. 8) Take your mason jar lids and drill a hole in the center big enough for the nipples to fit through.
11) Pull the wires tight enough through the top of the wood so that the mason jar lids are flush with the bottom of your cut rods, and your rods are secure inside of your counter sink holes.
13) Pick where you want your chandelier to hang on the ceiling and find a secure stud to secure it to.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial – Please don’t mind our exposed hole in the ceiling!

If you enjoyed this post on our kitchen be sure to check out our farmhouse kitchen tour, cabinet makeover, and counter top makeover! I am going to e-mail this to my husband to put in my request for one of these- so gorgeous! Brandi your home is really just gorgeous and I’m jealous of all of your DIY projects that turn out so well. I’m definitely saving this one – it looks like just the thing for our kitchen remodel!
I believe the Ball jars are quart sized, but I’m sure you could use different sizes if you wished to do so! I have had zero issues with my light, however, if we used higher wattage bulbs they would probably get hot and could become an issue.
We have a VERY dim farmhouse, & we find with the amount of bulbs required it lights up the space perfectly. The weight of the light is held by the wood because the curtain rod is attached to the wood and the opposite end is threaded to the threaded coupler. To maintain the environment of a home for cozy appeal and look, it always demands to take some extra care of accent and highly visited portions of home like entryway, hallway and living room. It has a long top and a shelf at its lower panel for different plans of storage and home knickknacks. Corner Shabby Chic Floor Lamp With Glass Stand And Stainless Steel Base Beside Mirror With Wooden Frame In The Bedroom IdeasPlease click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.
Make inexpensive curtain rods at home by fixing some PVC pipes on walls and doors to hang curtains. I am sure that these ideas will help you in decorating your home with curtains without spending much money. The hardest part to source was definitely the curtain rod extensions, but you may be able to find another type of rod to substitute this.
If you decide you want to make this light or a variation of it, I would love it if you would link back to this post and let me know! This will be the part attached to the ceiling and will determine how long your chandelier will be. Drill about four or five small holes around this to allow for circulation and prevent over heating.
Be sure to watch them to make sure your jars don’t get hot to the touch, if they do you may want to use a lower wattage or smaller bulb, or even drill more holes in the lid. You did an amazing job (and I LOVE your ceiling, too!) SO pinning this and thanks for sharing your how-to. So thrilled to see how you did this, since I’ve been oogling it with interest since you posted the photos! Whenever you get around to it, be sure to send me a photo on my Facebook page – I would love to see how it turns out! I have two questions, what finish did you use on the wood and what size are the Mason jars ? I would be thrilled if you had the chance to hop over to grab your button and bring some new projects to share:) Have a fabulous day! I am making one of these for our families cabin and someone told me that the old blue mason jars were flammable.
Some dominant styles of tables are always needed to dignify your hallway and entry and here we will speak for such a kind of table made with pallets.

Place a piece of light lamp while using it as a DIY pallet sofa table and use the flower pots, faux crafts and artful toys if you are using it at your entry way.
Aside from DIY pursuits, she also enjoys writing, reading, music, singing (mostly in the shower) and the color yellow. Kimberly recently published a craft book entitled Modern Mod Podge. PVC pipe curtain rods are best for hanging curtains on bath tubs or bathroom window curtains.
Also be sure to disconnect the power completely to the room you are installing or working on your light in! Then feed the wire through your cut curtain rod extensions pushing the curtain rod extensions into the sinkholes. I saw Amazon has a set of half gallon mason jars and s was wondering if you used that size. I don’t know if this is true or not, but apparently a chemical used to dye the jars blue is flammable. This DIY pallet sofa and entryway table would be much functional for decoration and home embellishing purposes. For a vintage inspired look, it has been finished with dark shade of wood stain that also empowers it with more durability and strength.
Join us on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with our most recent projects and sneak peeks!Check out our new how-to videos on YouTube! So no more need of buying expensive curtain rods just follow the instructions and make your own DIY curtain rods without spending much money.
Acrylic curtain rods give royal look to room and acrylic DIY drapery rods are best for hanging fancy curtains. Alternate between your short and long rods per hole, and use opposite sizes on either side of the two pieces of wood. Don’t attach the jars to your lid, or the bulbs, until your light is secure on the ceiling to avoid breakage. I really love the blue and would prefer to use them and the new style blue jars are just not the same.
Acrylic rods and acrylic bars both can be fixed on windows or doors (for updated windows, Austin roofers can help) to hang curtains. In third and fourth picture you can see stylish DIY  homemade curtain rods made with tree branches.
I’m gonna try it one more time with your tutorial and see if I get enough confidence to finally go for it! Make sure to subscribe to our channel so you don't miss any!Hey friends!!I recently had an itch to change out the bench in my entryway. So have a look at these homemade curtain rods and select any one of them to hang your curtains.
Here are some pictures of DIY acrylic curtains rods which can help you in making drapery rods at home. Dominique Hanson“I gave everything a coat of Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain in Dark Walnut” From above Cathy JoWhat is your flooring? DaniI love the bench it is absolutely adorable…this may be a sill question, but what is a Kreg Jig and how is it helpful in making the bench?

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