At my Dainty Girl VIP Shopping Party last month at Homegrown Boutique, I had my first Bio Seaweed Gel manicure. The lovely Linda from Bio Seaweed Gel applied two coats of the UNITY gel polish in a bold red-pink colour called Pink Promise and cured the polish under a UV lamp.
Since we were in a basement boutique at night with no sun, Linda used the UV lamp to cure these manis, but shortly after the event, she sent me some products to try at home including, three beautiful fall polish colours, professional strength acetone for removal and nail tools for grooming. Earlier this week, I sat in my backyard and applied the first coat of UNITY gel in Jade green and watched in amazement as it cured within 60 seconds in the afternoon sun. I love that Bio Seaweed Gel works so well on my natural nails without the need for bonders and sealants; it cut the time it takes to do my nails in half and still dries with super high shine and lasts for weeks without chipping! Bio Seaweed Gel UNITY polish actually protects the nail’s natural vitamin E and oils to promote healthy growth and shine.
1BodyBar opened in April 2012 and it’s the perfect addition to the fashionable Queen West shopping strip.
Tucked in a colourfully painted alley at 369 Queen Street West near Soho Street, this gorgeous, newly renovated 2nd floor space is bright, clean and pretty dainty if I do say so myself! 1BodyBar promotes itself as Toronto’s only health conscious body bar and proudly features premium and natural products for all of their services, including makeup, hair, nails, facials, waxing and tanning. These chip resistant, UV cured gel polishes last for 3 weeks so I chose a fall-inspired deep purple colour called Vital for both my hands and feet.
Special thanks to Cait for inviting me out to experience 1BodyBar and to Anthea and Ibeth for the pampering! Nicole is a Toronto-based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger as well as a full-time professional, world-traveler and foodie. Basecoat For a strong base to protect your nails and gel polish will stick longer with a base coat. Gel nail polish is, if you remove the polish the right way just as harmful as regular nail polish.
Gel nail polish will hold between 2 to 3 weeks depending on once lifestyle (each person is different) Normal nail polish without gel wil hold between 2 and 5 days. Gel nail polish is to remove using GEL REMOVER or you can purchase special nail removal wraps for easy removal of the gel nail polish, it will take up to 10 to 15 minutes maximum to clean.
Gel nail polish can be done by a beautician or at home , at home will save you lots of money.

You have either a UV or LED lamp in order to dry your gel polish, without a nail lamp it would take too long for the nail polish to dry and the change for an optimal result disappears. We recommend that you protect your hands at all times, this can be done by the use of petroleum jelly (Vaseline), sunscreen around the surface of your nails or special gloves.
I’ve had previous gel manicures using Gelish, Shellac and OPI Axxium and even had fun with DIY Gelish at home.
The second coat cured just as quickly and since Bio Seaweed Gel cures with no tacky residue, no cleaning was required and I was good to go immediately! I love the opportunity to experience new products and services in Toronto, so I was thrilled when the lovely owner Cait invited me to sample the services at her sweet new spa! My spa day started with a luxurious Dermalogica facial from the wonderfully knowledgeable and thorough Ibeth.
The process was very similar to my experience with Gelish but it’s nice to know that these products offer a healthier alternative.
She washed and conditioned my hair with sulfate-free and 100% vegan Pureology products and applied U Luxury Argan Oil by Unite to protect and seal hair prior to heat styling. I loved every minute of it, from the incredible products and services to the engaging conversation with such lovely ladies   See you again soon!
This is something personal but to start with: Gel nail polish compared to normal nail polish is many times stronger. To apply the gel polish you just need to ad a few more steps , but then it remains approximately two weeks beautiful as you would normally do your nails in this time frame 4 or 5 times. The gel nail polish is more than a trend and has proven itself as a better option as the normal nail polish. This gives the nails the ability to dry properly and therefore a nail polish that lasts long! Polish the nails in the colors you like, the nail wheel has most of the time approx.20 different nails.
The LED lamp has the advantage that it is more energy efficient, less time needed to obtain the same result, and that you do not need to replace the lamps because of the durability of LED lamps. Do you have to soak or file to get this off?i»?melissa cooper: i have some of this uv gel so u don't have to use a tips right i can use it on my reg nail? The prospect of a healthier, more natural gel polish, produced by a Canadian company really appealed to me and I was very  impressed with the results.

Doesn’t hurt that UNITY gel is the healthiest alternative to other gels on the market with absolutely no harsh chemicals and the quickest most gentle soak-off (within just 5 minutes).
I can’t wait to see for myself Stay tuned as I try other colours this fall and report on the removal process too!
I use these products religiously at home, but it’s nice to have the professional treatments every now and then! My hands and feet have been a little dry this summer, but Ibeth was meticulous with my rough heels and cuticles, clipping away all the stuff I don’t have time to mess around with at home. This keeps your nail polish as much as 2 to 3 weeks in place, compared to normal nail polish which remains often less than 5 days beautiful. The nail wheel is essential for nail art and you will be able to practice and try out the colors and designs before you apply it on your own nails. After I was thoroughly exfoliated, cleansed and moisturized, I moved over to the nail bar where Ibeth treated me to a Gelicure manicure and pedicure featuring chemical-free Nubar nail polishes that are certified vegan and cruelty free by PETA. I really appreciate that when I go for professional services and sadly, not all estheticians are that thorough. Anthea worked her magic with a round brush and gave me an amazing blowout finished with a curling wand for my signature soft, touchable waves.
In addition gel polishes keep your nails stronger and therefore your nails will grow more easy.
Then there is the one-time purchase of a nail lamp which you don’t need with normal nail polish.
And if you are a real nail artist and love to change your nails frequently that obviously Gel nail polish is a time consumer. I was wondering if you could help me: Do you know if I can use "sina top coat" and cure it under a LED lamp 6watts?
Just experimenting how long it will take to get the gel totally dry without lamp and without needing to clean it.
Not tacky so do I need to cleanse?i»?Mandy Mac: I always thought it was Lina, but they actually have a website.

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