Last year, Samsung released an Edge variant to go along with the regular Samsung Galaxy S6. It was essentially the same phone as the regular Galaxy S6, only it had a fancy curved display.
On most devices we crave for tiny bezels, but most devices don’t have curved displays.
One thing that I didn’t like about the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was the sharp sides that the curved display created. My feelings about the Edge Screen features haven’t changed since the Galaxy S6 Edge+ review. The Galaxy S7 Edge offers an exceptional display, great performance, stellar camera, beautiful design (even if it is a little uncomfortable to hold), and good battery life. Once again, for a full in-depth look at the non-Edge aspects of this phone, read our Samsung Galaxy S7 Review. Quality Australian-made Elite Built compactus units supplied and installed by Sydney Shelving.
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The basswood paddle features a blade urethane tip guard and a contoured grip for ease of control. This year, Samsung has once again released an Edge variant to go with the regular model, but the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has some real benefits that make it a much more compelling device.
Things like water resistance, wireless charging, microSD card slot, and Fast Charging are cherries on top. There have been a few instances where I accidentally pressed something on the screen because I was holding the phone too tight. It’s a lot more comfortable to hold without a case, but a case would still probably make it more comfortable. Besides apps and tasks, Samsung has added new panels for things like sports scores, stocks, news headlines, and more. TouchWiz can still feel bloated at times, but this is undoubtedly the best Galaxy phone Samsung has ever made. At the end of this review, we hope to find out if the Edge is truly worth $100 more than the regular Galaxy S7.

I’ve also found it to be difficult to swipe in from the left of the display, which is something a lot of apps utilize.
Compared the Galaxy S7, it’s only 8mm taller and nearly the same width and thickness. Your finger ends up touching the display at the crown of the curve instead of the actual edge. The Galaxy S7 bumps it up to 3000mAh, which is already an improvement, but the S7 Edge takes it up another notch to 3600mAh. The bigger battery and Android Marshmallow’s Doze feature are doing their job nicely.

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