Today I've got swatches of the brand new Sunset Daylight Curing collection from Barry M to share with you! It basically means the polish, along with the special topcoat, cures in natural daylight (like gel nails but without the need for a UV light) They will also cure in your room's artificial light. Up to 10 days, though bear in mind results will vary from person to person, not everyone is the same! The Way You Make Me Teal is a super pretty bright teal, and wow was this difficult to capture!
Can't Get You Out Of My Red is a classic bright red, with a more jelly-like formula than the others. I'm intrigued by this collection, daylight curing polish seems to be the new in-thing right now (I have at least 2 other brands with similar collections waiting to be swatched) so I can't wait to see how long they actually last!
For salon professional nails at home, you can’t go wrong with the Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paints. The trend for strong brows looks set to continue in 2016, so perfect yours with this handy 3-step shape, define and highlight kit.
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How paint kitchen cabinets ( pro, I wrote “ paint kitchen cabinets ( pro)” tutorial painting kitchen cabinets. They're very pigmented and all perfect in 2 coats (with the exception of Do It Like a Nude). This is pretty accurate but in the interest of transparency I'd say it leans a bit more green in real life.
The colours may not be very exciting but bear in mind new fancy colours isn't the point of this collection - the 7 shades are core colours and designed to give us some basics to use with this system.
For vivid and varied shades on a budget, Barry M are our go-to brand, and their new Spring 2016 collection does not disappoint.
When you’re on the go and need a quick fix for your nails, Barry M’s Speedy collection is the ideal solution. When combined with the Sunset Topcoat, the Nail Paint bonds to the nail like a gel using only the power of daylight – so no need for expensive UV lamps! The specially designed brush lifts and rolls lashes to create a dramatic, highly defined look. The easy-to-follow instructions show you how to use the three shades to enhance, define, and accentuate your natural bone structure, while giving your skin an all-over warm and healthy glow.
The three shades can be used to fill, define and highlight your brows, and the handy mini tweezers, double-ended applicator, and mirror, make this kit great for touch-ups on the go.

This is 4 thin coats plus the daylight curing topcoat, which as you can see is super glossy!
Along with adding some new colours to their fab nail polish ranges, they’ve also released a new mascara, brow kit, and contour palette. The specially designed flat control-flow brush makes application easy, and the quick-drying formula sets in under a minute. For Spring, this bestselling range gets an injection of soft-hued tones with 4 deliciously named new Nail Paints (L-R): Acai Smoothie, Butterscotch Sundae, Pink Lemonade, and Cream Soda.
The Spring collection features 4 new colourful shades, that are perfect for the (hopefully!) warmer months ahead (L-R): Bug a Blue, Empire State of Mint, Pinking Out Loud, and All The Things She Red. For Spring, you can get Speedy Nails in 4 new pastel colours (L-R): Personal Best, In a Flash, Winning Streak and Freestyle. Priced at ?6.49, available in Superdrug from 10th February, and in Boots from 17th February.
Priced at ?5.99, available in Superdrug from 10th February, and in Boots from 17th February.

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