David's one of the very few remaining TV repairmen who knows how the original flat screens work, and he can fix 'em all.
My name is Damon Morrow and I’m a professional electronic repairer and specialize in LCD TV and Plasma TV Repair. This E-book is for intermediate and advanced TV technicians and it’s a good compilation of servicing information about various display faults and errors on Plasma TV’s. Along with specific troubleshooting methods and techniques adopted to diagnose and solve a range particular display faults.
Plasma Display Faults ebook can be used as a good reference tool in quickly identifying a fair range of popular display problems. Plasma Display Faults has ‘low profile information’ on various troubleshooting and servicing methods once known to only a handful of in-house technicians. I developed this course to help shortcut your learning curve and save you the years of frustration and confusion that I went through while figuring out how to successfully repair more Plasma Televisions.
Imagine being able to repair many different types of Plasma Display Faults, and make enough money.
This E-book will comprehensively teach and guide you everything you need to know about Plasma TV Repair, from intermediate level right through to being a professional troubleshooter.
At David’s TV Repair we excel to give great quality service and great prices.With 25 years of experience in TV repair, we strive to satisfy our customers with great service!
Went into Frys and Best Buy to get an estimate for a fix on my computer, and at the end I went to Davids shop and WOW, their prices were so much better than any computer repair shop I have went to.
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Funny Mt Rushmore Repairs Member reactions: Yeah Boss, remember what happened to the Sphinx in Egypt. This E-book explains and illustrates which board(s) is most likely at fault for a specific display problem.
In addition this ebook go’s further by also explaining and illustrating specific semiconductors and components that have been known to fail and cause board malfunction. Some of the info I already knew, some I understood and found quite interesting and some went way over my head. I e-mailed ViewSonic tech support, and they promptly e-mailed me back with the steps to go into service mode to restore the sound.
This ebook has practical diagnostics tips to help determine the root cause of a specific display failure.

Most important this Ebook comes with tech-support via e-mail for technicians who may have servicing questions.
I’ve made this course inexpensive enough so that anyone who is serious about repairing Plasma TVs can afford it. Take up to eight weeks to examine and use the information, tips and techniques in this Ebook.
All you need to do is click on the link below, which will take you to the order page, and then you just enter your information in. Don’t forget with the purchase of my eBook you get my email support to help you with any question you may have on the Plasma Display Faults. With just a few Plasma TVs repaired, (with the help of my E-book) you would already get back your investment! At the guaranteed of the lowest cost of parts we can offer you a reasonable price that fits your needs. In this special report, you will see facts about the Hubble space telescope, discoveries it has made and what the last mission's goals are. If you’re thinking about learning how to repair display faults in Plasma Televisions, then you have come to the right place. He shows you how you can troubleshoot the IPM inside the Y-SUS and Z-SUS board.  He also explains which board or section that could cause many different types of display faults in Plasma TV. I was impressed with Damon’s quick and informative reponse to my E-Mail in regards to the E-Book and also a TV on which I was having problems. The usefulness of this Ebook is maximized with the use of service schematics, as this ebook guides the technician in the general area of a possible circuit fault. With this small amount of investment you can get the education and skills that took me years to acquire.
That’s up to 60 day to put these valuable strategies to work on your Plasma TVS in your own home. I was about to hammer on Lincoln's nose and then I sneezed.Hilarious concept MeertSilver congratulations, for stone workers and HoHouse. There are 2 levels of troubleshooting this book covers and that is ‘board-level’ and ‘component-level’ and filled with long years of  servicing experience and circuit tests on common display problems with Plasma TV’s.
I recommend the E-Book if anyone would like to improve their skills in repairing Plasma TVs. As soon as you have placed your order, you’ll immediately be taken to a secret page where you can save the Ebook in your computer.
The repair techniques in this course are the reasons why I can repair so many types of Plasma TVs, and they can help you do the same. Plasma Display Faults ebook is unique and one of a kind with ‘real-world’ useful information to help technicians get display problems diagnosed, confirmed, and solved.
I’ve literally spent thousands of hours perfecting the repair methods, and putting them all in one easy-to-follow course for you. Once you have used these strategies on Plasma TV’s, I’m confident that you’ll NEVER want to send it back!

This ebook detangles and clarifies misinformation on Plasma display errors and their technical terminologies. I learned these strategies the hard way, through trials and errors, but you don’t have to.
But, if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, or it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you won’t be out at all.
This ebook is loaded with handy servicing information for any technician who repairs Plasma TV’s or is looking to enter this field. This course will literally shave years off your learning curve, and help you in repairing many Plasma TVs that can make you lots of money. Bailey unscrewed the back, took out the circuit board and reached for the long-necked lamp on the desk.
That means you won’t have to wait in order to begin using these strategies in your repair business. Congradulations on the Bronze, could have been gold very easyNice work as usual, TaitaViracocha. All of the tips, techniques and secrets are revealed in a step-by-step, easy to understand format. He is a link to a time when things were built to last and we didn't just throw them out when they got dusty or weary or went on the fritz. Great work Taita congrats on the bronze and keep up great works friendCongrats on bronze Taita. In the TV-making business, the sets these days are watch-it, dump-it throwaways, cheaper to replace than to fix.
In 1992, there were 20,014 consumer electronics service centers, according to the Professional Service Association in New York.
The shop was a street-level storefront in Easton, and Jim and Frances Huston lived upstairs with their children.
They installed hand-cranked antennas in the local hills and valleys out of a small black truck that said this on the side in painted white letters: REMEMBER, SERVICE IS AS IMPORTANT AS THE SET. And still TVs for sale - big screens, flat screens, the newest, fancy models, although the front of the shop is also filled with old consoles and ancient Motorola radios.
Bailey went to Pasco High in Dade City and in his senior year went to class in the mornings and worked as a TV-fixing apprentice in the afternoons. That meant he pushed a mop and a broom for a while at a shop in Dade City that's long gone and then moved on to working on TVs in a shop in St. He used a solder knife to clean up the tiny electronic bits on the board and then put in a good chip.

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