The water absorption of LITEBUILT® aerated lightweight concrete is low, due to its closed cellular structure. Since many of the properties of aerated lightweight concrete depend upon the successful process of curing, outlined below are some of the methods whereby its strength can be increased. When precast aerated lightweight concrete panels and slabs are made under factory conditions in order to obtain a relatively fast turn-around of moulds, it may be economic to induce an early strength into the concrete by applying heat from steam to the underside of the moulds. The reason for steaming from the underside is to avoid the increase in temperature creating small cells of compressed air with sufficient pressure to fracture the cement shell around the cell.
Metal sleeved expanding anchors are not recommended as they may become loose due to their design characteristics. Processing - hand lay-up, fibre spraying, resin injection, adhesive bonding, prepreg processing. The strategy seeks to maximize site specificity and programmatic flexibility while allowing for instances of mutual influence to occur. Departing from a parallel tensile membrane precedent, a hybrid cast in place lightweight shell was developed. As a result, a new system emerged to produce a contextually highly correlated, yet programmatically differentiated architectural taxonomy.
The Spectroline MiniMAX series of battery operated lamps offer portability and versatility. All lamps feature a unique "shadow box" design which blocks room light making materials glow brightly.
Portable - Compact and lightweight units are easily carried for on-site or field inspections. This multi-purpose lamp can be used for countless applications, including quality control, sanitary inspection, mineralogy, readmission control, rodent contamination detection, UV curing, forensic inspection, document verification and much more.

Spectronics Corporation has introduced the powerful Spectroline® TRITAN™ 365 — an ultra-high-intensity, multi-LED, broad-beam UV-A inspection lamp perfect for NDT applications.
Wet Area’s onboard marine vessels need high performance materials to provide a long term waterproof solution that wont allow water to attack the steel decks underneath. Category: Cultured StoneWhen Printing, Be Sure To Change Page Set-Up Orientation To Landscape In The File Menu.
Cultured Stone Cultured Stone - Lightweight stone veneer - many different styles and colors. Most conventional ready mix or permanent concrete mixing facilitiescan be used for this task. The pavement is laid as described for rigid pavements, excepting that particular care is taken to trowel off the surface by hand or by mechanical trowel 24 hours after pouring. The value of K for heat transmission under these circumstances can be obtained from Table 3.
The cavities should be filled in successive stages, doing no more than 600-700 mm (2 ft) at a time, allowing at least 12 hours between each pour.
The density chosen is usually dependent upon the strength required, the dimensions (ie thickness etc). It is a slow, but acceptable system which enables a turn around of moulds every 24 hours on average, depending on the ambient temperature.
Due to the weight of concrete above the lower layers this does not take place and by the time the temperature increases on the upper face, the cement has already acquired sufficient strength to resist the cells exploding off and giving a rough surface to the slab or panel. The extent of steam curing depends upon the climate but as a general rule it can be subdivided into 2 hours required for raising the temperature, 4 hours maintaining the temperature and 2 hours lowering the temperature slowly to avoid thermal shock. The choice of fastener is dependent on the nature and the requirement of the application, and the desired finish.

If you continue to use our website without changing your settings, we will assume you are happy to receive all cookies on the website. An educational center for post-graduate professionals located in a forested park, the building is composed of a series of small span instructional units that modulate in scale to transition to a larger span meeting hall. These revolutionary lamps are three times brighter than competitive UV inspection lamps of this type making them ideal for use in microbiology, mutation studies, laboratory UV dosing, illumination and other life science applications. These include using waterproof materials to ensure the installation provides a long term solution.
LITEBUILT® aerated lightweight concrete behaves like ordinary dense weight concrete in most aspects, such as curing.
Various physical models were developed to test the resilience and the enclosure gradient provided by this performative hybrid shells.
We also use a durable finish which not only looks attractive but can also provide slip resistant and chemical resistant properties. The end result is an endless spatial grammar of formal typologies that can be acquired through the tensioning of the textile membrane, free of structural masts and hinges and with the hardness and transparency of glass or plastics. Combination wavelength lamps are available extending the range of applications that are possible. Long wave and short wave models can be supplied in both self-filtered and unfiltered versions.

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