Curing is not essential and some patients (growers) prefer the taste of uncured marijuana. Do you remember long ago what we used to call marijuana back in the 1960’s ?
The reason we cure marijuana is to change the chlorophyll to a more pleasing smell and taste and to preserve it for future use.
To understand what takes place inside the plant during curing we first need to know how plants process food and light. That’s the simple explanation without going into terpenoids and cannabinoids and phenolated terpenes. Believe it or not but curing actually begins while the marijuana is still in the flowering stage. At this point you have already harvested your organic marijuana and you have put it somewhere in a  dark area to dry. Your drying screen or rack should be in a dark area away from the sun, grow lights and flourescent lights too. How long is totally dependent on the relative humidity where you live and of the drying area.
Rotate your jars when burping ! The fresh buds, even with 75% of the moisture removed, will have a tendency to clump and stick together in the jar, partly because of the high humidity in the jar but also because of the sticky trichomes. What to do with the jars while curing ! While the buds are curing in the jars, you will want to put your jars in a cool dark place.
How long to cure ? You should strive to cure your buds at the very least 2 weeks. For a proper cure air out those jars for a minimum of five weeks. When are the buds done curing ? Your buds are done curing when the stems and buds are 85% dry. Long term storage ! For long-term storage, you may now put your cured marijuana into larger air tight glass jars.
Products that may help you during the cure. I have not used these products for curing but many growers do and find them very useful. How to start ? Harvest, trim, and begin slow dry, in the dark with good ventilation and air movement.
Burp jars ! Air out jars every 24 hours for a limited amount of time by setting an alarm to go off reminding you, jars are open and need to be closed. How long to burp ? Continue burping jars for two to five weeks, longer if moisture levels demand it.
When is curing over ? Curing is complete when the buds are 85 % dry , still slightly flexible when squeezed and stems snap when bent.
When growing organic marijuana and especially medical marijuana, the way you go about curing marijuana and how you do it, is extremely important. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Once you have the the 4 sides of the floor done, you will add more studs for support using the same procedure as above. Once you have the back wall in place and have constructed the side walls, you will put them in place and rivet them to the floor and to the back wall.
Here you can see how the ducting was wrapped around from the side wall to the top of the oven to the fan, and you can see the duct elbow partially visible on the top.
To use the calculator, you simply enter in the interior dimensions of your oven, and the increase of temperature over ambient. Curing your organic marijuana will in fact bring out the unique bouquet and subtle flavors of the particular strain of marijuana you grew and harvested. I could go into how terpenoids go through polycyclic aromatization in the process of decomposition.
They should feel dry on the outside but still have a little spring  and the stems will still be fairly flexible, not brittle.
Before or during the burping process, tap the jars to loosen the buds and break up any clumping that may have occurred.
The stems will snap but the buds will still be a little flexible. They will still be dry but very slightly spongy and not brittle.
To re-hydrate the marijuana some growers use orange peals, lemon peals, pieces of apple and lettuce.

Buds will be dry, not crispy, and they will still have a little spring  when squeezed and stems will still be flexible.
If the curing is not done properly, the patients that smoke your medical marijuana will not be very happy, and neither will you. Inside of the oven is where you will put the heating elements, which will be wired to a control box on the outside of the oven. The same metal studs used to build the oven frame were used to finish the ducting to the blower. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Curing can also reduce or completely get rid of the harshness of uncured marijuana making it much smoother to smoke.
I could tell you that this agglomeration of terpenoids will change the flavor of curing marijuana. Where ever you have placed it, it should be getting good air flow all around the drying buds. The longer the better as long as humidity is under control with ventilation and air movement.
This is very similar to a terrarium with its enclosed microclimate environment of living plants. This fresh air (oxygen) is needed by the aerobic bacteria to live and to continue the metabolic processes that are essential for breaking down the chlorophyll and starches to glucose. I have repeated this because of its importance. Also turn the jars on their side and rotate or roll the jar to redistribute the buds for even curing. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Curing your marijuana before using it for cooking will also make what you cook more flavorful without a harsh or chlorophyll taste. This chlorophyll by the way of sunlight manufactures food by the process of photosynthesis. If I were telling you this, I first should have told you that terpenoids are volatile compounds that give marijuana its unique aromas and flavors. At the dispensary grow we used to hang it up on nylon cords but that took up a lot of space, it was always falling down, it was to easy to mix up with other strains drying. Do not blow air directly on the buds, but air should be passing over and under them passively. Failure to burp the jars can cause the bacteria to die, stopping the biochemical process which stops the curing and may allow the humidity to build up causing powdery mildew. After 3 weeks it’s ok to burp the jars once a week for the next few weeks and then once a month after that.
Then they are perfectly preserved ! Smell the buds ! Every time you crack open(burp) the jars smell the buds. Contrary to popular belief you can freeze them at this point IF the moisture content is below 10%. Special care must be taken if freezing. Lettuce is good and won’t alter the taste but I find lettuce to flimsy and unacceptable for me. These are commonly used in humidors for cigars, so you know they will not alter the taste of your marijuana. I decided I’m not going to tell you about all of that because it just sounds so damn confusing.
When we tried to humidify the air we found it was too hard to control it at a steady level.
To keep these bacteria alive you will need to, every day for the next two to three weeks,(maybe longer) open these jars and let them air out for a limited amount of time. The first day you may have to let the jars air out for a couple of hours. Every day there will be less humidity in the jar meaning the buds are slowly drying out and curing.
As the days and weeks pass, you will smell the difference. Every day and every week that passes the buds will smell a little sweeter all the time.
They mus be in a hard container, so they cannot be crushed and care must be taken when removing from the freezer as the buds will be brittle from the cold.

What we will do to cure marijuana, is to control the weathering by creating a microclimate.
Who would want to read all of  that when it’s just not necessary to know, to understand that starch breaks down during curing into simple sugars, oxygen and water. Aim the fan at the floor or a nearby wall so the air from the fan bounces off the wall or floor and then over the buds. When our humidity fluctuated  up and down, our drying marijuana turned a drab olive color that was not appetizing. If your buds feel damp or wet, you may even have to empty the jars out onto the screen again, for a short while, to dry out some more before putting them back into the jars.
By the end, your buds will have such a pleasant aroma and that means a very pleasant and sweet taste when you smoke the medicine.
When removing from the freezer let them warm up and thaw out before removing from the jars. I like carrots because they are stiff and can be put into and taken out of the jars easily and will not alter the aroma or taste of your curing marijuana.
These can be purchased small enough to fit into the quart jars and monitor the temperature and humidity in the jars. When a lawn of grass is cut the chlorophyll molecules are crushed  and released into the air. The starch combines with soil minerals to create more complex molecules necessary for plant growth. To use a screen or a Drying Rack I recommend you have all of your buds cut off the stems and trimmed to your liking.
If the temperature where the jars are kept is too cold the curing process will slow way down to a crawl. To use carrots, first peel them like you would a potato or as I do, just scrape the outside skin off with a knife. Using these two products can take almost all the guess-work out of curing in jars by regulating and monitoring the humidity.
The third reason it allows for extra air(oxygen) which is important to keep the aerobic bacteria alive, continuing the curing processes.  Each quart mason jar will hold around an once of cured buds at the finish of the cure, this makes it easy to keep track of your weight. For long-term storage you may also replace the air in the jars with carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon, or nitrogen oxide.
This is the taste and smell we want to cure out of our marijuana, to get a sweet-smelling and sweet tasting medicine. The water continues to move from internal cells to supply moisture to the dry outer cells where the water is than transposed thru evaporation. Keep in mind that air conditioners are also dehumidifiers, making them a perfect choice for hot, humid areas.
Although fermenting may create a nice taste as with tobacco, it is far too dangerous to attempt with marijuana. At this point the buds were dry with just a little spring and the stems were still flexible. Opening the jars every day allows the humidity in the jar to escape and allows for the air (oxygen) exchange. If the dispensary hasn’t sold this marijuana by then, the buds go into long-term storage, but that rarely ever happens. They are easy to use and are made of polyester netting with wire frames to make the shelves rigid and sturdy. The moisture level of your buds will always dictate how long your cure is, but strive for five weeks. After 24 hours you may have to let them air out and dry a little before re-sealing the jars.
These drying racks take up very little space and allows excellent air flow all around the shelves.

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