The range of marine products has been engineered for high performance elastic bonding and sealing of marine plywood, aluminum, fiberglass or other composite materials used in building marine vessels.Bostik marine sealants form a durable, elastomeric waterproof seal for applications above the waterline.
Some of the marine sealants offer excellent UV resistance and will not shrink, chalk or crack over time. All Bostik marine sealants are easy to use, easy to sand and paint, non-gassing products that stand up to the harshest marine environments.

940FS exhibits superior adhesion usually with no primer to both porous and non-porous substrates. Bostik 940FS is non-yellowing, sandable and paintable, solventless, free from in-gassing and has outstanding temperature resistance up to 250°F. 960SR eliminates the damaging effects of UV (non-yellowing, non-chalking, non-cracking) that boat builders and owners have expected with other unconventional urethane and silicone sealants.

It has tenacious adhesion to most common marine substrates including virtually all woods, metal, FRP and most plastics.

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