Stage 6: Use a lint free wipe and the gel cleanser both included in the kit to clean the nail from any surface residue. Stage 9: Use the UV lamp to cure for 30 seconds, you will hear a high pitch beep to notify you when 30 seconds is up. Stage 10: Apply a thin layer of the colour gel polish, again avoiding the cuticle and skin and capping the nail.
Stage 11: Repeat step 8 by using the gel base and top coat and cure with lamp for another 30 seconds.
Stage 12: Finish by removing the oily moisture layer by using the gel cleanser and lint free wipes again. I have a second colour in my kit in Sugar Plum, if you would like to see that in action let me know, if you’d also like to see the removal process too then I will do a secondary post on that.
I cannot actually tell you the last time I painted my nails let alone filed them or did anything else to them. I do love my sensational kit, although I find I have to keep my fingers under the lamp for a lot longer than advised for it to dry properly.
I didn’t find that was a problem personally but maybe I was so in awe that it was more dry than it would be if I was painting them normally! New but motivated blogger looking to be involved in beauty, fashion, lifestyle and fitness opportunities.
The instructions say to mix equal parts of the transformer with your regular nail polish, then paint your nails and cure for 30 seconds with your LED lamp.
I'm going to have a second go at using the polish to gel transformer and I'll keep you updated. In terms of application, I found the polish in the Sensationail Fuse Gelnamel UV Starter Kit to be thick and gloopy. The real disappointment for me with the Sensationail Fuse Gelnamel UV Starter Kit was the wear of the polish–I did not find it to be significantly different than a traditional nail polish and a good top coat. The Gel Polish Removal Kit says to add acetone to the pad and wrap it around your finger for ten minutes– sound familiar?

DisclaimerAs of October 2013 all items received for free from PR companies will be marked with an asterisk (*) symbol.
It was such a good offer I couldn’t resist, it looks like there is another offer on at the moment where you can get the kit and one colour with it for ?45 online. I applied my nail polish design, using Essie Master Plan, Essie Fiji and a silver shade from Ciate. There are a variety of shades you can have in your starter kit, and I got a bright magenta. It does self-level if you give it a moment, but like I said, even with three coats it is sheer. Most people who have dealt a lot with glitter polish have used the foil method before, and that’s exactly what this is! I did my toes and the polish has stayed on for a couple weeks (I have been in flip flops all month).
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The nails are meant to last up to two weeks, as I type this they have lasted completely through one week, I have no doubts it will last the two weeks if not longer, I think they do break it will be round the edges on the nails next to the skin. Alternatively you can just apply the polish to gel as a top coat over your favourite nail polish and cure.
I left my nails to dry completely and then applied a coat of the Sensationail polish to gel and cured under the lamp for 30 seconds. But I'll need to go out and buy a nail brush to apply the mixture or risk getting the transformer mixed into my regular polish bottles.
Maybe if I only had one coat it would have lasted longer because it would have been thinner, but it was very sheer, so I would never wear it that way.
The only difference is that you’re paying for the cotton pad to be pre-stuck to the foil. This is my little space on the internet for makeup, tea, books, gluten-free food and other whimsy I love!

But you do need nail polish that will react with the LED or UV rays and 'cure' under a lamp. After removing the sticky residue with gel cleanser my nails were rock hard, super shiny and looked just like a gel manicure! I really love how portable and easy the lamp is, and it can even be turned around to do your toes, but it does take a long time to only do one finger at a time. The foil is cut to a good size to wrap around your finger, but this is pointless for travel because you’d have to bring the polish remover anyway. The lamp works on only one finger, and it automatically turns on for the 30 seconds you need to cure the polish. I only had this one shade to try out, and I would hope that other shades were different, but based on my experience I wouldn’t be rushing out to try them.
However, it wasn't long before I started to notice the difference between this manicure and my usual gel nails. You can then apply a second coat if you want, and when you’re finished you cleanse again for a shiny finish. I am not a big fan of this method because it involves sticking polish remover on your cuticles for a long time and it can be very drying, so if you use this kit make sure to moisturize afterwards. The polish was quite sheer for me so I went with three coats in the below photo, but the instructions do say 1 or 2, so I went with two on my other hand when testing out the wear of the polish. It is only my experience so if you are interested in trying them out definitely check out other reviews. By the end of the day I couldn't take it any longer as I kept catching the edges, so frustrated I peeled all my manicure off within minutes.

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