Il tartan e un must have per le stagioni invernali, questo e certo (che io non l'ho mai amato pure!), ma quest'anno piu che mai torna di gran tendenza.
Leggere e scenografiche, per le amanti degli eccessi, l'inverno del 2013 porta abiti e accessori in piume. Aussie babe Nadia Fairfax might be best known for her chic and fashion-forward ensembles, but when you meet her in real life it's the combination of her pint-sized stature, bigger-than-life personality and ridiculously flawless skin that takes centre-stage. Never content with being just skin-spectators, we wanted to know all of Nadia's secrets — immediately!
Before I use other makeup I use Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Liquid Light ($74) or if I am going 'makeup free' it's a tinted moisturiser or Elizabeth Arden Multi Targeted BB Cream ($40) depending on the coverage I want.
In the evening I cleanse with Rationale Preparatory Cleanser, I put this on dry skin, massage in and remove in the shower.
The CND Vinylux nail polish collection is the latest alternative brought the cult favorite label. Getting gorgeous nails with less effort might seem a bit utopian, yet this is exactly what makes the new CND Vinylux collection so appealing.

The whole process of getting a fab mani using the CND Vinylux nail polishes reportedly takes eight and a half minutes. With 62 gorgeous vibrant nail polishes to choose from, there's no shortage of spectacular new season alternatives to indulge in especially since they are all surprisingly classy and trendy.
The Sydney-based beauty has just been shot alongside Monatana Cox for cult Australian beauty brand Lanolips' latest campaign . Read on for her daily routine, the best skin advice she's ever heard, and the one treatment she swears by. Then I slather my face with The Clinic Moisturiser ($80), it's so nourishing and never pore-clogging! After creative a true obsession with CND Shellac gel nail polishes, the label now brings a covetable new collection featuring no less than 62 fashionable tones for nail enthusiasts to indulge in. During the day I often spritz with Caudalie Beauty Elixir ($22) to keep me glowing or to set my makeup, it keeps it looking dewy. If you love the idea of Shellac, but tend to get bored with your nails rather quickly the new Vinylux nail polishes might be the next best thing.

Simply use a regular nail polish remover or the label's nail polish removal and you're set.
These enable you to get 7 days of gorgeous looking nails with 0 chips, Furthermore, getting the effect is a lot easier than the traditional way and a bit faster too.
The idea behind the new nail polishes is changing your nail polish color because you want to not because you need to. Now comes the secret to getting fab chip and smudge free nails for a whole week without using the UV lamp: the Vinylux topcoat which has the Pro-Light technology that enables the nail polish to become better when exposed to sunlight rather than deteriorating like other nail polishes do.

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