First, the cover has to be removed in order to see the whole picture inside the Hi-Fi System.
I’m replacing the worn belt , I decided to replace that belt too because it looks loosened. Once you see a cracked IC, the first thing you need to do is to locate the part that was broken off. Besides the burnt vertical output IC I also discovered two dead lizard-see the photo below. I continued to check on the corresponding components to make sure all the components are good. I had this new IC LA78141 for replacement and of course I had to clean the circuit board first before installation of the IC. Guess that the one horizontal line problem was solved but there was another problem which is color patches in the TV screen.
I checked on the degaussing coil and it shows low ohms reading which was good and there was no dry joints in the posistor.

This article was prepared for you by Suranga Bandara who owns an Electronics shop in Anuradapura, Sri Lanka.
Hi Mr.Suranga, thank you for making me remember the degaussingcoil serie PTC posistor component. And when you undo the tape round the coil, you get a very large insulated wire you can use to repair all sorts of transformers and similar devices that contain coils.
Good repairs info but plasma and Led tv and board swaps are all that shops near me do now - there are no good electronics engineers anymore in my country.
Very well explained, in fact i have a similar kind of problem in my old TV, i thoroughly examined exactly the way you described and i found the faulty IC LA78045. Now that i have located the fault, on the brief check i also came to know about the burn out resistor.
I had a problem with a new VHS VCR National NV-340EN ----the customer complained that the picture is very unstable.
The common faults are usually bad vertical output IC, improper DC supply voltage, open vertical yoke coil, missing vertical signal from the vertical oscillator IC and also bad or leaky components in the surrounding area.

The reason for it is to track down the IC part number and this can eliminate the time of searching for the right part number. From experience, this kind of problem can be caused by bad CRT Tube, open degaussing coil, bad posistor or dry joints in the posistor area.
They also use these coils to externally degauss Arcade CRT tubes that have magnetized tubes (that cause colour faults). The problem was that a small mice got stuck in between the Guide Pole and the slot, in the play mode one guide pole could not reach the end because of the dead mice, after removing the dead mice and cleaning the area the set operated normal. I saved a few of these degaussing coils that can be used in future projects, because they cost nothing and work fine on the AC Power line voltage.
You can use the very strong produced magnetic fields to render your harddisk to completely unreadable before throwing it away if you have important personal data on it.

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