New Jersey – Connecticut – Pennsylvania Metro Area -(Philadelphia) – Delaware – Florida (FL North South East West Central, Orlando, Tampa, Miami)– Boston Massachusetts Metro Area – Chicago Illinois Metro Area – Los Angeles California Metro Area. Similarly, reupholstering patio furniture which is often made of wrought iron is easier due to less assembling and disassembling of components. Taking the time to reupholster outdoor furniture instead of replacing it will save you money and give your patio a fresh, updated look.
Here are some of the essential tips that you will need to reupholster your own pieces of furniture. I have 2 club chairs (similar in style to pic posted, but the cushions are thicker and not removable) that I found for free. One great way of turning your patio into a haven of your own is to compliment it with furniture.
Green choice carpet staff are certified experts for carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning and mattress cleaning!. Sears professional technicians offer a variety of cleaning services for your home including carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and more.. Sears professional technicians offer variety cleaning services home including carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, upholstery cleaning, ..
Copyright © 2012 Share The Knownledge, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. When you are inspecting a prospective home for purchase you will look at the walls, the laundry room, water heater, and other large areas of a home. The first step in the inspection of a plumbing system is to know what kind of system that the home has. You should not worry about little things like faucets leaking because it is very easy to fix a leaky faucet.
Remember to understand what type of plumbing system your prospective home has and take note of all the issues your trained eye can notice. Today is President’s Day, or Washington’s birthday as it is also known,  which was set aside as a way to honor the first person who held that job . The holiday was first thought of as a way to recognize the two presidents with birthdays in February, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, but it has grown to include a time to honor all of the people, who have served in the nation’s highest office.
Monday we celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday along with honoring every other person to occupy the Oval Office.
Through the years President’s Day has also become a time to buy furniture, appliances and cars at unheard of savings as many companies have sought to capitalize on the fact that many people have the day off of work. While the founding fathers wanted us to enjoy various freedoms, I doubt they had no interest financing on washers and dryers in mind when they spoke of “self-evident truths.” Then again maybe they did. Later this year the United States will elect the 45th person to hold the office of President. I have been told by my mother that my first encounter with a future President was during a rally for Jimmy Carter. Of course at the time of that rally I would have been perhaps just turning 1 so needless to say I do not recall meeting him but I am sure it was a lovely time for all. As for the encounter with a Commander in Chief that I do recall, in 1992 I met Bill Clinton at a campaign event in Orlando, FL. Years later, meeting candidate Clinton is still one of the more memorable moments of my journalistic career. The other day I also came face to face with a Presidential motorcade as the 41’st President, George Herbert Walker Bush, had stopped for lunch at a local Italian restaurant near me.
Although other Ballparks have been used for Presidential pitches, the home Ballparks of the Washington Senators and now the Washington Nationals hold the distinction of hosting the most presidents due to the proximity to the White House.Photo R. Beyond getting to close down a restaurant so you can eat pasta in private, there are many other perks that come with residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. President William Howard Taft started the ceremonial first pitch tradition in 1910 linking the Commander in Chief with the National Pastime ever since. While the first pitch did not occur until 1910 the link between Presidents and baseball actually goes back to post Civil War America when Andrew Johnson invited the first team of professional ballplayers to the White House. The first presidential first pitch occurred on April 14, 1910, at National Park in Washington, DC.
The Senators moved to Minnesota to become the Twins and the Athletics packed up and headed west to Oakland but the one constant for over a century has been presidents and baseball. From 1910 to 1971 the President traveled to the home ballpark of the Washington Senators to throw out the first pitch on Opening Day. While Presidents had thrown out first pitches at the World Series as well President Nixon became the first president to throw out an Opening Day pitch outside of Washington D.C. Before becoming the 41st President of the United States George Herbert Walker Bush was a baseball player at Yale University.Photo R. Various other ballparks were used for Opening Day after 1972 but Baltimore and Washington D.C. It is also a given that if both President Bush and his wife, Barbara, are seated together they will end up on the Ballpark’s kiss cam.
So during this time that we honor our Presidents, let us not forget that soon it will once again be Opening Day and when the President steps onto the mound to throw that first pitch he will be continuing a long standing tradition that honors both the past, present and future of both the Oval Office and the game of baseball itself.
Now if you’ll excuse me I think I need to practice my pitching just in case I am ever called on to throw out a first pitch. Next Monday is President’s Day, or Washington’s birthday as it is also known here in the United States of America. While originally the holiday was thought of as a way to recognize the two presidents with birthdays in February, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, President’s Day has grown to include a time to honor all of the men, and most likely someday the women, who have served in the nation’s highest office.
Yesterday, marked the end of the regular Major League Baseball season which makes today the official start of the postseason. While Derek Jeter enjoys an early start to his retirement, since the New York Yankees failed to make the postseason for only the third time in his 20-year career, other teams and regions are preparing for what the MLB marketing team calls the Hunt for October. In the nation’s capitol this means choosing between pulling for the Washington Nationals or the Baltimore Orioles with both teams being the first to clinch their respective divisions and punch their playoff tickets.
After winning their divisions the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals are seven victories away from facing each other in the World Series.Photo R. The Orioles captured their first American League East title since 1997 while the Nationals captured the National League East title in equally dominating fashion.
The Orioles were the first team I followed growing up in Maryland and through moves to Florida and Texas they are still considered my home team. Although the Nationals were known as the Expos when I was born, I started following them when they moved down from Canada long after I had left the region. Of course there was a time before I was born when the region supported two American League teams in close proximity in the Washington Senators and the Orioles. With only one team in the region when I was growing up it was easy to pull for the Orioles despite living geographically closer to D.C.
Davey Johnson was the manager of the Baltimore Orioles when they won the American League East Division in 1997.
While the decision to root for the Orioles was easy for me I was curious to know what it was like for people in the shadow of the Potomac River before I was born when they had to pick which team to follow.
As luck would have it, it turns out that my mom is older than me (funny how it works that way) and was alive when there were two teams to choose from, so I called her up to see which team she pulled for growing up. Conversely I had never known her to wear anything Orioles related although she did follow the team and encouraged my love of the Orange and Black.
While the Senators only exist to me through old baseball cards that I rescued from a dusty bin at a card shop, the Orioles are full of vibrant memories that shaped the baseball fan that I am today. In a world where the Senators did not move to Texas it is possible that I never would have rooted for Cal Ripken, Jr. But had the Senators not headed to Arlington, Texas a few years before I was born to become the Texas Rangers, the odds are I would of had an entirely different childhood when it came to baseball. Each year during Spring Training when I was growing up I tried to catch at least one Orioles game. This support of two teams in the same market was justified by the fact that the only time they would meet in games that really mattered was if they both made it to the World Series in the same year.

With the Orioles undergoing years of mediocrity at the time the Nationals moved into the neighborhood it seemed a safe bet to pull for both teams since the odds of either team, let alone both teams making the World Series was extremely low.
That all changed this year though when I had a hunch that the stars could align and turn Washington, D.C. Each Spring Training visit includes a stop to Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, FL to see the Baltimore Orioles play.Photo R. While few could predict the dominating manner that the Orioles and Nationals won their divisions few should be surprised that both teams are in the playoffs.
In fact, the Orioles have a billboard less than seven miles away from the Ballpark that the Nationals call home. For people like me who were born when there was only one team to pull for in the region it is easier to justify keeping allegiance to the team from our youth and adding a more geographically friendly one as well. The generations that follow now will likely have to choose a side, either Red White and Blue, or Orange and Black much like my parent’s generation had to do during the time of the Senators. With both the Orioles and Nationals full of talent throughout their rosters it seems likely that postseason meetings between the squads could become a regular thing.
As for the Senators of my mom’s youth who made that western journey all those years ago, since moving to Texas I have found myself rooting for the Rangers. While originally established in the 19th Century as a way to honor workers, through the years the first Monday of September celebration has turned into a time of barbecues, beach getaways and appliance sales. In fact Labor Day weekend is often called the last weekend of the summer even though fall does not officially arrive until September 22. For fans of the Houston Astros, Labor Day will forever be known as the day that the manager and bench coach were asked to turn in their uniforms and leave the building.
Earlier today the Astros announced that Manager Bo Porter and bench coach Dave Trembley had been relieved of their duties. Last Labor Day Bo Porter was managing the Houston Astros in a day game against the Minnesota Twins. While no one ever likes to be fired part of me thinks that Porter and Trembley are relieved to be let go from the tire fire of a team that is the Astros.
Neither Porter nor Trembley should be held to blame for the performance of the Astros under their tenure. While there has been slight improvement in the on field performance of the team this season there also has been a marked increase in stories about player discontent and mismanagement by the front office.
There was also the whole situation regarding failing to sign the first pick in this year’s draft and the release of confidential front office communications regarding trade negotiations. Also, who can forget the absolute disaster centering on the team’s broadcast rights that has prevented much of the Houston area from being able to watch the games on television? Of course with such spotty on field performance the last couple of years not being able to watch on television might be a blessing in disguise for those fans who do not get the games. By many accounts the Astros front office did not give Bo Porter much to work with during his nearly two seasons at the helm. Granted no team is perfect but with each story that comes out it seems more and more like the Astros front office does not seem to have much of a clue on how to run a Major League Baseball team.
As Fox Mulder would say, “I want to believe” that things will get better in the not too distant future and that the Astros will once again be a playoff contender but with each day I fell more like they will be a Major League pretender. Earlier this season it was announced that the Astros were going to raise ticket prices to help cover expenses.
Of course through their dynamic pricing model the Astros charge even more when the marquee franchises like the Yankees and Red Sox are in town to help cover the losses on the other games. I do understand that there is a business side to baseball but continuing to fleece the fans will end up biting them in the end. With the arrival of football season it is likely that even fewer people will pay attention to the Astros as they limp to the finish line of the 2014 season. While I do not yet believe that baseball will fail in Houston in the same way that Arena League Football, minor league hockey and Indy Car did, it is certainly a possibility under the current management team based on the recent track record of activities. Thankfully there are the Sugar Land Skeeters to watch for a reasonably priced baseball fix.
While this is an entirely unlikely scenario the people of Houston could watch the Astros leave the fourth largest city in America and find themselves with two large empty sports complexes.
The fact that Houston is the fourth largest city in America is often brought up when people question how the Astros could be so bad.
Prior to coming to Houston Bo Porter was the third base coach for the Washington Nationals.
As for the next antics for the Astros front office they will in the words of general manager Jeff Luhnow seek “a consistent and united message throughout the entire organization.” If one was to read between the lines of that statement they could surmise the Astros are seeking a yes man manager who does whatever the front office asks of them and does not have an opinion of their own. As for Porter and Trembley’s former teams, the Nationals and Orioles respectively, things could not be looking better as each team holds a commanding lead in their respective divisions and seems poised for deep postseason runs. A beltway series between the Nationals and the Orioles would be a very nice thing and the way the teams are playing it very well could be a reality.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some Skeeters tickets to buy and a beltway World Series to prepare for. While I try to be good about coming in every 3,000 miles or so I am occasionally tardy in my duties as a car owner and stretch things out to four or five thousand miles between oil changes. This was one of those times where I was closer to the five thousand mark than three thousand but I figured the car was no worse for it. Since the mechanic is within walking distance of my house I will often drop off the Jeep and walk home as opposed to sitting in the waiting room watching the History Channel, which always seems to be on when I am there. A recent surprise flat tire got me thinking about some surprises I would actually like to see this year.Photo R.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the History Channel but I figure there are so many more things that I can do in the comfort of my own home as opposed to spending time in the waiting room.
So as I was sitting at home on my couch watching the History Channel, the mechanic called to tell me that they would not be able to fix my flat tire since the bolt had gone through the side wall.
First, I had not been aware that I had a flat tire and secondly how exactly does a bolt manage to enter a tire at a 90 degree angle?
I mentioned to the mechanic that I was not aware of a flat tire and perhaps he had mixed up my chart with someone else’s. After it was determined that the tire could not be repaired and would need to be replaced, I realized that my $20 oil change was going to be far more expensive than originally planned.
My first reaction at having to purchase an unplanned tire was of course one of anger since I never seem to get the full manufacturer’s suggested amount of miles out of a set of tires. In fact the tire that was mortally wounded by the bolt only had around 6,000 miles on it which made it a tire teenager cut down in its prime.
So, all in all learning about a flat tire in air conditioned comfort on a couch with someone else doing the repair was certainly a welcome surprise albeit an expensive one.
The surprise World Serie pairing that I want to see in October is the Tampa Bay Rays against the Washington Nationals.Photo R.
The surprise flat got me thinking about other potential surprises that could arise with the pending starts of the Major League Baseball, NASCAR and Indy Racing League seasons over the next couple of weeks. Of course if one knew what was going to happen in each of those areas ahead of time they would not be surprises but for the sake of argument here is one potential surprise and one dark horse surprise that I would love to see in each of those sports this season. With the Major League Baseball season just around the corner the biggest surprise I would like to see is the Tampa Bay Rays making a return trip to the World Series against the Washington Nationals. While the Rays and Nationals are both loaded with talent this year they each face huge obstacles in their quest for October glory. Were the Houston Astros to somehow win the American League West title this season it would likely be the surprise of the year if not the century.Photo R. But for the record the Major League Baseball surprise I most want to see this year is a Rays against Nationals World Series. Of course my dark horse surprise, that has almost no chance in the world of happening, would be for the Houston Astros to win the American League West. That surprise is probably at least a decade away from happening but anything can happen I suppose.
The Daytona 500 kicks off the 36-race NASCAR season this weekend (more on that in Friday’s column).

As in the past few seasons the powers that be added some tweaks to the points and other rules that teams will need to quickly get up to speed on. Danica Patrick would surprise many people including Richard Petty were she to win a NASCAR race this season.Photo R.
Perhaps no other sport enjoys messing with the rules each year as much as NASCAR does so they are certainly consistent with their constant changes. My NASCAR related surprise that I would like to see involves the driver of the #10 car Danica Patrick. After becoming the first woman to win an IRL race, Danica became the first woman to start on the pole and lead laps in the Daytona 500 last year during her first full year in NASCAR’s highest level. My Danica related surprise would be for her to silence her critics in the Petty family and elsewhere by winning a race this year.
There are 36 opportunities for her to accomplish that and I feel that she very well could make history once again and make The King Richard Petty eat that feather on his hat.
In a perfect world Jimmy Johnson would let someone else win the championship this season.Photo R. As for the NASCAR related dark horse surprise I would most like to see, that would be for someone other than Jimmy Johnson to hoist the Champion’s trophy at the end of the year.
I mean come on Jimmy you have six of them already it is time to share with the rest of the class and take some time off before getting that record tying seventh championship that no amount of rules changes can prevent you from eventually winning. With the series returning once again to Houston for a two-race weekend in June I would like to have the surprise of seeing both races run without any career ending injuries such as the one that Dario Franchitti suffered last year. Dario Franchitti’s racing career ended on a racetrack constructed in a stadium parking lot. Hopefully with more time to plan race organizers can make sure that the track will be in better shape so the drivers can race each other and not worry about whether the track is going to cause them to lose control or take them out of the championship picture, or end their careers. As for my dark horse surprise I want to see this year in the Indy Series, that would be for Juan Pablo Montoya to win the IRL Championship for Roger Penske after coming over from a few years spent in NASCAR driving for Penske’s bitter rival Chip Ganassi. So there you have it several surprises to look out for over the next six months or so in MLB, NASCAR and IRL competition. Of course if any of those surprises do end up happening you can always say that you read about them here first. Contrary to popular belief BACK TO PART 1 Reupholstering furniture is beneficial in a number of ways. Despite it being only a year old, it has faded and therefore Do you have patio furniture cushions that are faded and in need of being redone? I desperately need to reupholster them Reupholster family room furniture in outdoor fabrics that do not compromise on style but hold up to kids and dogs.
Even if your patio furniture look great outdoors, there is no denying Everything you wanted to know about outdoor wicker furniture.
While these type of outdoor furniture looks good on its own, most homeowners prefer to have some Reupholstering Wicker Furniture.
Once you have spotted all the issues yourself call in an expert to double check those issues. While the election was still months away, and Governor Clinton had not yet become President Clinton, there was still something cool about meeting someone on the campaign trail. I am sure that reporters that cover the Presidents on a daily basis lose some of the wow factor at some point but there always needs to be a respect for the office at some level. Bill Clinton became the first president to throw from the mound and each president since has also toed the rubber on their pitch. Bush was a baseball player in college at Yale and can often be seen behind home plate at Houston Astros games, when he is not having lunch at local Italian restaurants that is. Bush was a baseball player in college at Yale and can often be seen behind home plate at Houston Astros games. After all, no one wants to be the person that bounces it a few times on the way to the catcher.
I had suspected this because long after the Senators had left town she would still where her Senators shirt.
Once the Nationals came onto the circuit I added games to see them as well further cementing my divided beltway allegiance. For me the only conflict would come in the World Series since I would be divided on who should be crowned World Champions. Plus, by being let go now Porter and Trembley have more time to line up jobs for next season. One can only manage with what they are given and few can argue that the front office has been very stingy in what they are giving the field staff to work with. Asking fans to pay more to see a less competitive team does not seem like a sound business strategy. While it is likely that they can avoid their fourth consecutive 100 loss season in the grand scheme of things it might be too little too late.
With the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball planning additional teams in the Houston area over the next few years there very well could come a time where fans grow tired of paying for the Astros antics. And while it is best saved for another column on another day, I believe that a city’s size does not guarantee success in sports. The Nationals are having a much better year than the Astros and could reach their first World Series.Photo R. Of course there are still several teams that could prevent that from occurring but one thing is clear it should be a very fun postseason with the inclusion of some teams that have not been there in a while. The Rays have a slightly better chance at postseason play despite playing in the toughest division in baseball.
Hopefully no other drivers face the same fate when the Indy Racing Series returns to Houston this June.Photo R. Indoor – Outdoor Fabrics Modern patio furniture is sturdy and more stylish than ever. A family gathering, a backyard barbecue or just lounging by the pool Find Patio Furniture Reupholster and Repair in St Louis MO Yellow Pages with maps, websites, phone numbers, addresses, and business profiles. This could make or break your new home investment, because replacing a home plumbing system is not a cheap endeavor. Rooter franchises across the country that provide free quotes of services and provide professional home plumbing analysis. Make sure you grab an estimate of service from the plumbing professional and make sure that the home is worth the investment.
Before becoming governor of Texas en route to the White House, the younger President Bush served as the owner of the Texas Rangers who, as one may or not know were once the expansion team that replaced the first version of the Washington Senators who left town to become the Minnesota Twins. One need only look at the Los Angeles area and their inability to get a NFL team after 20 years as proof of that. Once you understand the scope of the plumbing system then you can go on to examining all the components. Look for signs of rust or corrosion on the pipes themselves and if you can also check the color of the water to see if the interior pipes are rusting. Plumbers are experts in all things plumbing and if you think there is an issue with the pipes then the experts can make sure it isn’t a big issue. Sometimes sports work better in a smaller market where there are less options for the fans to spend their money on.
Dr Sofa offers different professional furniture re-upholstery services, either to give a new look to your old furniture or overhaul it completely. If the water comes out a brownish color then there is a good chance that a pipe has been compromised somewhere. There are many different ways to spot issues in prospective home – you just have to be proactive in finding them. For example, if you don’t know how to spot a tub overflow drain leak, then you could be looking at many small plumbing repairs.

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