Understand, we’re not hard on our furniture but it gets used a lot by kids, grandkids, the dog and the occasional weekend naps. Of course we now have one in college and we are giving another child a meager monthly contribution, so again…buying new furniture is really not an option. But after several weeks of pondering the fate of my furniture, a solution began to form in my little brain. Ideas began to take root and soon I was dragging hubby to JoAnn’s to get the things needed to repair our furniture.
I had previously brought home a sample swatch of faux leather material to see if it would match our furniture.

I know it’s not perfect but it was cheap and it looks okay, it will do for now at least until that money tree starts producing again. Rips, stains, puncture marks, scratches, cracking, burns and general wear and tear can be repaired almost invisibly using the latest restoration methods.Leather is the luxury line of furniture. Each piece of leather varies in grain, texture, slight color variations and natural markings like pores & wrinkles.
My first leather sofa suffered a similar fate but I never thought it was repairable and so we gave it away. This include cleaning,rejuvenating the moisture and fat liquors that have evaporated, and applying the proper protection.

Usually, leathers that have cracked or peeled isnot from use, but from body oils and perspiration that have settled down into the grain of the leather and started todissolve the finish over timeProperly maintained leather will prevent crackings & last for years.Having worn, faded, ripped leather?
We always aim to return your skin to its original texture, color and feel as much as possible. All types of leather color coats and dyes, after it has been originally dyed, will only coat the surface.

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