Back in 2007, Corning introduced Gorilla Glass, which quickly became the industry standard for damage-resistant glass used on mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, monitors and TVs across the world. But despite sales in 2011 tripling to $700m over the previous year, Corning wasn’t happy to rest on its laurels, and at CES, the company officially announced Gorilla Glass 2. Indeed, Gorilla Glass 2 maintains the damage-resistance, scratch-resistance and all-round toughness that the product has become famous for, while facilitating a 20% reduction in the thickness of the glass. Whatever your opinion is on this technology, short of getting brutal on your device protected with Gorilla Glass, the above videos show that it stands up to the common scenarios most of us have experienced. As has been a constant feature with the recent Oppo smartphones, the Oppo A37 has metal body casing and a arc edge design elements.
The screen is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 – the latest iteration of World’s toughest glass. The Oppo A37 offers all the regular connectivity features you would expect from your device. Keep subscribe us and follow us on Facebook and twitter for more tips & ideas about new technology. I would like to have that AccuWeather widget though for my ICS SU760 xD I don't like Yahoo! Today, it is used by more than 30 multinational technology brands, and is integrated into over 570 products, which collectively amassed global sales last year of more than 500 million units. Making the glass thinner obviously allows for slimmer devices, but also boosts touch sensitivity and improves image brightness on protected displays.

Inspite of being launched under the budget segment, the phone looks quite premium for its price. The software stitches together the five images taken in quick succession to arrive at shots up to 24 MP resolution. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, LeEco Le 2 and the Lenovo K4 Note are some of the devices that may make Oppo A37 look a little low in features at the same price band.
It can be too early to come up with any solid reviews about the actual performance of the device. The rear and front cameras are capable of HD video recording at 1920 pixel resolution at 30 fps. The software features a Privacy Mode that lets you hide contacts, apps or even your files before you hand over your phone to your friends.
Though it does not have some great features on the expensive devices, yet for the price point it has been launched it could be a good listing. The camera comes with a flash feature that that uses the screen brightness of your device to illuminate your face so that you will get a better selfie even in low light conditions. But given the regular updates being received by Oppo F1 Plus – we can safely assume the possible updates from time to time.
Considering that this is the most in-demand feature, it would help you connect devices like USB mouses or keyboards to your smartphone. Good to see that Oppo paying equal attention to both premium devices and the budget ones in its range of products.

Though few would say that the resolution is lower in comparison to the modern devices, yet the larger aperture should help you in being able to get good shots in low light by letting more light into the sensor. The technology optimises your selfies using an algorithm that uses the data obtained from millions of users. It wouldn’t take much for Apple to simply move its newest iOS device to the new glass display technology. The Beautify technology currently supports around seven Intelligent Beautification levels and two levels of skin tones. With this glass tech coming out sooner rather than later, we’ll likely see it reach the iPhone 7 -- maybe even 6S. This would allow Apple the ability to get rid of the home button an entirely and replace it with a gesture or make the Apple logo on the back a sort of home button sensor. For an addictive and beautifully-drawn tale of supernatural possession with all the magic, ninjas and familial bonds you can shake a stick at, 'Laughing Under the Clouds' is a great addition to your anime library. Over the weekend, actor Matt McGorry shared a photo of himself with his former 'Orange is the New Black' co-star Laverne Cox, prompting speculation the actor could revisit his role as Corrections Officer Bennett in Season 5 of the Netflix original series. Photos from the premiere episode, "Out of Time," show Oliver Queen and Citizen Steel on the Waverider.

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