Your resume is your marketing document for getting a new job, so every little detail counts and the more focused it is, the better.
It's not often that two major technology manufacturers hold a product launch on the same day -- but that's exactly what's happening tomorrow morning. If you've ever planned a wedding, you've probably heard that using the word "wedding" can be costly.

Hiring managers usually only spend a couple of minutes reading resumes — in one survey, 56 per cent of HR execs said they devoted under 60 seconds to each resume — so you need to get a focused message across pretty quickly. First, Apple will unveil its latest wares -- including the iPhone 7 -- at its 2016 keynote in San Francisco. In this video, a wedding videographer explains why vendors charge more for the same services on your big day.

If you try to convey that you’re good at a whole lot of things, you can end up not conveying anything.

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