Did you forget activate your computer within 30 days of installing and it is now stuck in reduced functionality Mode?
Since Microsoft has still given us access to Internet Explorer, we can use it to launch the default explorer process.  We will then use the explorer interface to open an administrative level command prompt to run the activation rearm command which will recover from reduced functionality mode.
On the Activate Windows Now screen shown above, click Access your computer with reduced functionality. You will now see the first of many open confirmations that IE will prompt you with.  Hit OK on the first.
Explorer will now start and you will see your taskbar and desktop.  You can now follow the normal procedure or extending the activation period as shown here.
When executed, Cryptolocker is installed in the program folder and starts to encrypt LibreOffice and Office documents, PDF files, photos or illustrations, making them inaccessible. At the same time, CryptoLocker discloses its threat: if the owner fails to pay a sum of money within three or four days, the key to the files will be deleted forever, and the files can no longer be recovered.
If the poor user agrees to pay the sum of money, which can be up to three hundred dollars, Cryptolocker decrypts the files, but not always. If you see the Cryptolocker screen, disconnect the device from the network so that the virus cannot encrypt more files or communicate with the creators. Then, you have to ask yourself what you want to do: either pay the ransom, or remove the virus and attempt to recover the files. Whatever your choice, the best you can do is to get a list of infected and encrypted files. Removing Cryptolocker is quite simple, in part because the creators of the virus make the victim terrified enough so that they don’t want to eliminate the only way to recover their files.
In my case, I used Norton Power Eraser to remove Cryptolocker, a powerful anti-trojan that Symantec distributes free on its website. After the reboot, all traces of Cryptolocker were gone (it had only been the virus screen, which in itself is completely harmless and can be changed without problems). In the Previous Versions tab, you’ll see the different versions that Windows has stored. Another option to recover files is to use a previous backup that has been stored on a disconnected hard drive, a remote server, or on DVDs. When you recover a copy from Dropbox or Google Drive, you should make sure that it’s not one of the infected copies. Its creators designed Cryptolocker with two assumptions in mind: users open all attachments, and no one keeps recent backups of their documents. Those who are seriously concerned can use the tool CryptoPrevent to disable the type of permissions that the virus uses to install itself. To run CryptoPrevent, check the first, second and fourth boxes so that existing programs in the folders can continue running.
The Windows shadow copies are activated from the System Properties menu, which you can access by right-clicking on the My Computer icon, and also from the Control Panel, in the System section. We all remember the dreaded REVETON, the virus from the police that caused panic in millions of homes and offices. The way Cryptolocker infects PC is conventional, and can be stopped in its tracks if you take the precautions I’ve listed above.

Meine ersten schritte waren das ich Windows modifiziert habe um so im anmeldebildschirm ad dei cmd mit systemrechten zugreifen zu konnen da ich in meinem profiel lediglich die nachricht zugriff verweigert bekommen habe. Uber die cmd konnte ich die folder offnen und schauen das sich darin befindet was aber auch nur fehlerhafter auswurf war und ab und ganz oft irgendwas mit $7H89K39 und sowas in der richtung da stand. Nun habe ich noch programme wie Rouge Killer, Hotmanpro, und Avast sowie kasparsky ausgetestet. Der virus versteckt seine prozesse auch anscheinend weil ich sehe dort nix was da nicht hingehort genau so wie in der MSconfig.
Solltest Du Dich fur eine Bereinigung entscheiden, arbeite solange mit, bis dir jemand vom Team sagt, dass Du clean bist. Description: Der Treiber hat einen internen Fehler in seinen Datenstrukturen fur festgestellt.
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Nea?aou aanieaoii iiaai?eo HD iaiaa aey ?aai?aai noiea: ea?anoaaiiua oioiiaie e naiua e?aneaua aaaooee ie?a.
Aieuoay iiaai?ea ea?oeiie ia oaio eiiiu?oa?iua ea?u: naiua iiioey?iua eiiiu?oa?iua ea?u e naiua neeuiua aa?ie ea?iaiai ie?a. Aieuiay oaia Eioa?iaoa - aaiia?u auiiaaoaee ia ?aai?ai noiea, a?aoca?a eee a a?oaeo ianoao Aaoaai eiiiu?oa?a. Eioi?iaoeiiii-?acaeaeaoaeuiue na?aen ioe?uaaao iinaoeoaeyi iiaue e eioa?aniue ie? ?acaea?aiee. Are you not yet ready to activate your copy and want to extend the activation period another 30 days or for longer?
Files are encrypted with a key that only the authors of Cryptolocker have, making recovery impossible. Payment can be made ??via MoneyPak, Ukash, and most recently, through Bitcoin, a virtual currency whose transactions are made without control.
The encryption used is too strong, and even a sophisticated cryptographic attack would take a very long time to decipher any of the locked files.
Disconnecting the internet connection also keeps your files in Dropbox or Google Drive from being overwritten with infected copies. To do this, you can run the ListCrilock tool, which creates a TXT file with all the files encrypted by the virus. Luckily, there are several ways to recover your files, but you must first remove the virus from the system. I copied Norton Power Eraser to the computer via removable storage, executed it and, upon completion of the scan, received a confirmation of the deleted files. Traditional antivirus solutions have trouble identifying Cryptolocker as an infection, especially with the speed with which new variants appear, but they are being constantly updated to account for this.

It doesn’t attack files that are on disconnected drives or servers that are on the internet, nor does it attack archived documents.
To access this feature, all you have to do is right click on a file and open the Properties.
Simply choose the drive, the date of the copies (which is in the drop down menu next to the drive), and then browse the folders and files. The tool modifies the Windows security policies to prevent a program being able to run from the Application Data folder (AppData). According to the firm BackBlaze, over 30% of users don’t have working backups of their documents, and only 10% make daily copies. The virus displayed a message that seemed to have been drawn up by the police and urged victims to pay money in exchange for not being prosecuted for horrific crimes. Daraufhin habe ich mich daruber informiert und es anscheinend aus ZeroAcsess Rootkit oder so genannt wird.
Weder wenn ich es angemeldet offne noch im system CMD den ich mir unter der erweiterten ilfe eingerichtet habe.
Eo?oea iiainoe, naiua eioa?aniua iaci?u ni anaai ie?a, i?eaeiaeuiay e aeooaeuiay eioi?iaoey ?oiaoa.
Using a slick Internet Explorer trick you can break out of Reduced Functionality mode and run the commands required to reset your activation period and recover use of your computer.
While there are many reports that say that the decryption occurs within hours of payment, others say that the recovery process is full of bugs.
Another program that does the same is CryptoLocker Scan Tool, which looks for files infected by the virus and tells you if they need to be recovered.
A fast and convenient way to access all Shadow copies on the hard disk is using the free tool ShadowExplorer.
Since Bitcoin transactions can be analyzed, experts discovered that cybercriminals are earning tens of millions of dollars because of this virus. This rule will prevent most opportunistic infections, which is the primary means of spreading the virus. Um Viren und Trojaner entfernen zu konnen, muss das infizierte System zuerst untersucht werden: Erste Schritte zur Hilfe. Bitte arbeite alle Schritte in der vorgegebenen Reihefolge nacheinander ab und poste alle Logdateien in CODE-Tags. Your only options are to activate now or enter reduced functionality mode.  In reduced functionality mode, you will only have access to internet explorer, so that you can buy a license for Windows Vista! Beachte dass ein infiziertes System nicht vertrauenswurdig ist und bis zur vollstandigen Entfernung der Malware nicht verwendet werden sollte.
Solltest du Probleme haben, stoppe mit deiner Bearbeitung und beschreibe mir dein Problem so gut es geht.
Solltest du mir nicht innerhalb von 3 Tagen antworten, gehe ich davon aus, dass du keine Hilfe mehr benotigst.

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