Ergonomic design, programmable LED controls, bulb life count down, fan improves ventilation and decreases dry time for nail polish, convenient handle for easy transport.
I receive a lot of questions about UV and LED lamps for curing gel polish, and thought it might be helpful to provide a brief comparison of the two. Like everyone I wanted a quality LED light but was not convinced to spend the mega dollars requested by brand name producers (eg Gelish) so turned to where they are all manufactured =China! I have used this product and have a hard time getting the builder to cure with led but just fine with any uv. Hi Andrea, the reason i asked this is because when i looked at the RCM website it said to cure RCM polish for 1 minute with the portable lamp and 30 seconds with the pro lamp so i just assumed it wasn’t as strong as the pro lamp.
CND LED Lamp cures all 5 fingers (or toes) in half the time compared to the current CND UV Lamp. The only lamp designed to completely and evenly cure CND Shellac brand 14+ day nail color and BRISA gel. Ergonomic design that comfortably accommodates both manicure and pedicure eliminating 'uh-ohs' for a smudge-free finish. The Gelish LED 18G is a scientifically- engineered, precisely-calibrated authentic LED (Light-Emitting Diode) light of exceptional quality.
The Gelish LED 18G will quickly and comfortably cure gels to effectively ensure the smoothest, most level gel-drying. And the Gelish LED 18G lights last up to 50,000 hours of normal salon use without any diminished brightness or power throughout the product's entire lifespan. This new and versatile LED Lamp Cures all Five Fingers, is Motion Activated, Cures Gelish Foundation in 5 seconds!
Gs4304 - UV LED Light Bulb 5W.Improve Your UV Nail Dryer to Professional LED Nail Dryerby using LED Bulb.
Industrial UV tube,UV light uv curing lamp halide UV lampSTATE: Mercury lamp are made from the quartz glass tubing imported from German company OSRAM and American GE company.

UV tube UV bulb UV light UV Lamp for uv curing machineSTATE: Mercury lamp are made from the quartz glass tubing imported from German company OSRAM and American GE company. Lithonia OWP2 50M 120 P LP BZ M4 General Purpose Outdoor Premium Wall Pack with 50-Watt Metal Halide Lamp by Acuity Brands Lighting Inc.
I personally prefer lamps that fit your whole hand and not just four fingers because curing your thumb separately takes more time. I paid for one and then read later it only has the suropean plug in and the one listed in the pic isnt the one they can send now Im really concerned Ive paid for a lamp I cant use. 360' interior mirror fi nish ensures light distribution with nine targeted lights that cure with a lightning fast speed. 360' interior mirror finish ensures light distribution with nine targeted lights that cure with a lightning fast speed. It is specially designed for rapid, efficient gel curing, particularly for the high-performance Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polishes. The quiet and rugged Gelish LED 18G light is guaranteed to provide years of reliable in-salon performance, without any variations in curing-time temperatures while consistently producing properly-cured gels.
This LED 18G lamp also features a Patent Pending (Limits light exposure), Magnetic tray for effortless, thorough sanitizing, preset LED Display Timer with Countdown, preset Cure Times: 5, 20, 30 seconds, Digital Greetings, High Intensity Diamond Reflectors, acetone resistance, ergonomic design, client comfort pad, (18) 2-watt LED Lights [=32 watts].
The LED 18G lamp has consistent power and performance from the first second out of the box through to the 50,000th hour.
These Fibre optic ice crystal lamps differ from the original fibre optic lamps as they have a beautiful crystalised base that illuminates and shimmers Ice blue or will scroll through a rainbow of colours on the Multi-colour version. This powerful, versatile, and ergonomic UV Lamp is a phenomenal value for beauty professionals. I also recommend going with lamps that have a higher wattage because the stronger lamps will cure faster and better.
It is identical to the Gelish brand (prob same factory) without the brand stamped on the outside.

I have an led lamp 3.5 or 5W from Gelicious and I tried to cure Gelish in it the Black Gelish does not seem to cure but the clear top coat does. There is lower chance of skin cancer risk for UV Lamps compared rto tanning beds but LED is the best choice. The ice lamp brings life to any room, fantastic for parties as a centrepiece or to set that special romantic mood. Cold light, no harm to your skin, Energy-saving LEDFast dry time, with the use of LED nail gel Perfect for professional or personal use. The low-powered 6-watt mini lamps that come with most starter kits don’t always cure well. The crystal base of the lamp lights up and fibre strands will illuminate to the same colour of the base so on the multi-colour lamp as base changes colour slowly whilst the fibre tips will also change colour slowly, on the Blue lamp the crystals will glow blue as will the fibre strands. Stylish and sought after, this desk lamp is ideal for reading, working, computer use, hobbyist or any area where additional lighting is needed.
Four programmable timers, interior fan, and a bulb replacement indicator make curing Shellac and Brisa Gels easier than ever.
I know the lamp is from a different brand but have been told by the shop assistant that gelish will cure in any led lamp.
Following our customers feedback, we have improved even more this very good offer: now we are offering FREE one 4W E14 (candle light) LED bulb that will help you save ?100 over the years on electricity bill. Enjoy a comfortable handle for easy transport, an easy to clean surface, and a 7-ft removable cord.

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