But, for this holiday season we are sharing our favorite winter holiday inspired nail design ideas. Another technique is to draw a candy cane design on your nails by using varying stripes of white and red. If you’re looking to step up the difficulty level with your next Christmas nail design, try incorporating thin pieces of string as a base for a Christmas lights nail art design. Another idea is to create a snowy scene by adding a snowman’s face to one nail on each hand and fill the rest with dots of white that resemble snow balls. A technique that has grown in popularity in recent years is using tape to create geometric designs. I found the easiest way to draw a perfect snowflake using a hexagonal glitter as the guide. Paint 3 coats of Icy Snow and allow to dry to around 80% when the surface is still tacky but not easily dented. Now you can use the hexagonal shaped glitter as your perfect guide for drawing the lines of the snowflake.
Draw 3 more lines, longest first, then shorter, then the shortest toward the tip of the snowflake. Repeat step 7 for the rest of the 5 lines and seal in your design with HK Girl Glisten & Glow topcoat! For this Tinseled Christmas Tree nail art, I used 4 polishes in total: DECENTber (red base), X’Mas 201Tree (green tree), Gold Mark (tinsel and gold lights), Wishing Star (star on top of the tree).
Using striping tape, mask off a triangle, leaving just enough space on the top for a star later.

Fill in the sides of the nail with DECENTber, taking care not to go over the striping tape lines. Immediately remove the tape and you have your Christmas tree all ready for you to decorate! Spread out some glitter from Gold Mark on a piece of wax paper or plastic bag (this is so that it doesn’t dry too quickly, allowing you more time to pick up the glitter and place them on your nails).
Using Wishing Star, draw a star on top of your tree (or you can use a star stud if you have one handy). Well, I hope you enjoyed these wintry December snowflakes and Tinseled Christmas Tree nail art tutorials. Have and wonderful week and remember to share your recreations with me via Facebook or Instagram!
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Even if you do remember, in the middle of such a hectic time, it can be almost impossible to think of a new creative spot to put the lil watcher every single night! For the Fourth of July we’ve seen everything from simple red, white and blue to intricate flag designs. One way you can do this is by painting your nails white or silver and adding glitter in red and green.
In order to get the string to stay on, you will want to place it on your nails while the white coat is still wet.

This Christmas Tree nail art tutorial uses that technique for a quick and easy holiday design. My trick is to just pick up the brush and spread it on a piece of wax paper or plastic bag. Using white acrylic or polish, draw a line straight from the top and bottom points of the glitter. Paint a thin layer of base coat only on the tree to make it easier for the glitters to adhere.
Seal in your design with HK Girl Glisten & Glow and now you can dazzle your friends and loved ones with this festive Christmas tree on your nails! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments and I will answer them as best as I can. Who hasn't spaced out about moving the elf one night only to be met with questions from prying tots in the morning?
But help is here: let these 66 pics we found around the web inspire where your elf will wake up tomorrow morning! When you have finished the rest of the design and it’s mostly dry add a top clear coat to keep everything in place.

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