As you can see, warning lights can get rather confusing so most people ignore them all together, even when they show up their dashboards. 1)      Individual warning lights on the instrument cluster are typically a higher priority and should be addressed if illuminated with engine running.
2)      Warnings that pop up on a digital display only (like “Service CCR”) are typically lower priority.  Some warning lights may do both. The most important point to get across is to keep the owner’s manual in the glove box for easy reference should the need arise. Wise Auto Clinic has been providing professional, expert auto repair in Schaumburg, IL since 1997.
The brake system is equipped with a red brake warning lamp that will illuminate under certain conditions. Always use the proper brake fluid DOT rating when refilling or adding to the brake fluid master cylinder. Tony Galvan1 year 9 months agoI put a brake pad on right rear tire and brake light stays on.
I have a 1978 GMC Royale and the brake warning light is coming on but the brake fluid level looks adequate. I tried this method on 3 different Volvo’s with the same problem and it worked fine on 2 of them. Hello,thanks very much for the tip,it workted on my volvo s70-98,no problem after,THANKS !!! I wanted to try the remelting metod described on the youtube film, where the ABS module is removed, opened (whith a knife and then the connection lead(??) is) remeldted to secure the connection on the mainboard.

Hi, I tried the fix, with wedging a piece of plastic between the ABS modular and the pump, and viola, all the lights are off my dash, and my abs works on my brakes. Thank you for this soluton hawe had this problem for a while, mine sometomes worked sometomes didnt.
Hi, my ABS isn’t working, but no lights come on, when I breake the pedal feels soo hard and no braking, thakes a few moments to kik in the breaking on the car, when the light comes on (very rarely) the braking pedal feels good but no ABS, what is going on? When you put a piece of plastic between the pump and the module it will damage your print inside the controller.
Hi, I got abs, traction control light on and cruise control off, does it works with xc70 2004, has anyone tried?
Nissan Parts is a fast way to order Nissan Parts online,FREE delivery in Australia for all Nissan Spare Parts orders above the value of $50.00. Our Nissan Parts Website is available 7 days a week so you can order Nissan Parts any time..
Nissan Spare Parts Australia ca supply you with any type of Nissan Part from Nissan radiators, Nissan bonnet, clutch ,Nissan ball joints, Nissan brake pads, Nissan master cylinder, Nissan distribution rotor, Nissan fuel system, Nissan fuel pump, to Nissan stop lights , Nissan head lights and Nissan indicators lights and covers etc.
We also stock those hard to find Nissan parts like piston, cylinder or a connection rod, even full Nissan engines for all the Nissan models made in Australia.
Cadillac has a “CCR” warning for their Computer Controlled Ride system, not a Credence Clearwater Revival alert like most old timers think. About 2 years ago the the speedometer & odometer quit working and the abs and break lights came on on the dash. One year later, I forget the spacer, and the ABS, speedometer, Engine, and other lights came on.

A broken cloths peg off the washing line has saved me $1300 AUD, cruse control and ABS is functioning again, no speedo fluctuations or failure. Please pay attention to difference between front and rear or right hand and left hand or upper and lower or outer or inner. Danikowski (ASE Certified Master Technician), believes in one simple philosophy--attention to detail.
I used a regular fuse as a spacer fit perfect all the lights went out and the speedo is working! A number on the part itself is sometimes the same as a parts-number, but most of numbers on the Nissan parts themselves make us confused. It does not come cheap though, it’s over $400 for a new one and around $200 to rebuilt it . The spacer was still there, but I inserted a piece of thick paper between the spacer and the pump. Amazingly, it works again, and my V70 has be driven without any warning lights on (even after a few short highway trips).
We look forward to servicing your vehicle and thank you for the opportunity to gain your trust!

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