The last couple weeks of summer, my tween had been planning our her locker decor and creating a number of locker crafts.
I didn’t have locker chandeliers growing up, but they seemed to be all the rage in the stores this year. I also raided the dollar bin at my local Michaels, and found really cool decorative bottle caps, jewel ribbon trims, and self-adhesive gems.
We got out the glue gun, and she went to work planning out how long she wanted the gem ribbons to be, and in what pattern she wanted the bottle caps to be in. I helped her attach the painted hoop about 3″ below the light by gluing the ribbons on the outside of the light and hoop evenly. She finished off her craft, by lining the outer edge of the light with decorative ribbon using a glue gun as well. To turn the chandelier light on, she just places her hand in the center and taps the light on when she needs it. She did a simple stitch along the outside of the template in black first, and then the hot pink. It matched perfectly with the small piece of pink and black cheetah patterned fabric, in which she lined the bottom of her locker with.
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Our centerpieces are already designed (and I can’t wait to share them after the wedding!), but we needed other ways to put bunches of flowers around the reception. We started gathering some glass bud vases from second hand stores and have a growing collection. I didn’t want each vase to be entirely covered, so I opted for a dipped, half-painted look.
After you have a tape line where you want your paint to go, you’ll need to cover the rest of the vase.
Once I was certain my lines were right and the rest of the glass was covered, I took my vases outside to spray paint.

After the gold paint was set, I carefully peeled off the tape and removed the plastic bags. Already added to cart sorry,for a reason unknown,temporarily rashalite can't take your order(s).
Buyers can receive a partial refund, and keep the item(s) if they are not as described, or possess any quality issues by negotiating directly with seller. Already added to cart sorry,for a reason unknown,temporarily al2012 can't take your order(s). Ikea propone una nuova lampada ad energia solare da tavolo che illumina grazie ai suoi 4 led e consuma solo energia solare!
Questa non e la solita lampada solare che emette pochissima luce, ma e una vera e propria lampada dotata di 3 potenti led in grado di illuminare senza problemi un computer portatile o messa sul comodino potra essere la compagna ideale per le nostre letture serali. Mentre sto scrivendo questo articolo (sono quasi le 22.00), mi sta illuminando in maniera ottimale sia la tastiera che lo schermo senza affaticarmi troppo la vista.
Un consiglio e sempre quello di verificare che il pannello solare sia sempre pulito, questo ci assicura la massima efficienza.
Il tempo per ricaricare completamente le batterie interne di cui e dotata la lampada solare Sunnan e di cirrca  9-12 ore all’aperto, alla luce diretta del sole. Quando la lampada solare ikea e completamente carica, essa ti permettera di ottenere circa 3 ore di luce. Per ogni lampada ad energia solare della SUNNAN acquistata nei negozi IKEA di tutto il mondo, IKEA ne donera una da destinare ai bambini che vivono in case senza elettricita, in modo che possano leggere, scrivere e disegnare anche dopo il tramonto.
Spero che anche grazie alla mia piccola recensione, molte persone saranno curiose di sperimentare questa lampada.
We used an LED tap light that I found at our local Home Depot store, but I have also seen them really cheap at IKEA as well. She painted it first with DecoArt Crafters Acrylic in black, and then gave it sparkle with DecoArt Glamour Dust in lavender and purple passion. This created the chandelier effect and let the decorative strands hang around the light in the center nicely. I found this 6″ circle needlepoint template, large needles, and thin yarn at my local Michaels as well.

I wish my daughter was a girly girl and that the people in her school where not so jelous because last year I tried to do something like that for her locker and they said to her why do you got that in your locker it’s just a locker.
We’ll have a bar, high tops for cocktail hour, etc, and needed something to jazz those tables up.
I like having something simple and easy that doesn’t require a huge investment in greenery. First I used FrogTape (nice painter’s tape) along the lower portion of each vase, anywhere from about one inch from the bottom to four inches up. Since I wasn’t coating the whole object, it was really easy to hold the covered part of the vase while I sprayed on the gold paint.
But I did find one of the milk jugs with flowers here, and a regular gold dipped vase here. Finora le lampade sono state donate a bambini in India e in Pakistan attraverso i nostri partner Save the Children e UNICEF. Il consiglio che do ai piu scettici e di comprarne una, costa solo 12 euro e di metterla alla prova. Continuando a utilizzare questo sito senza modificare le impostazioni dei cookie o clicchi su "Accetta" permetti al loro utilizzo. You forget how hard the concept is until you witness a sea of 6th graders struggling with opening their first locker on orientation day. They are labeled as self-adhesive, but we didn’t even need to use the double stick tape it comes with, since it was already magnetic. Presto, se avete un’anima ecologica e attenta all’ambiente, scoprirete di volerla sostituire in tutti i comodini e scrivanie della vostra casa!
I gathered up some supplies that she could use for her homemade locker chandelier, and then let her go to town making it.

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